"The very definition of Jihad is to fight against and destroy the infidels. Once you've chosen this path of righteousness you can never abandon it. I have the heart of a lion. I'm prepared to sacrifice my life on this earth for the good of our noble Jihad until our way is the way of life for all people."
—Amir Alborz

Thueban, known to the public as Amir Alborz is a terrorist and genius bomb maker. He is notable for dealing the drug Etymosteon throughout Los Verdes. He had brought up too much attention in Smog City, so he moved to Emerald City in search for a new rush.

However, he was swiftly brought down by the Essentials, following his drug dealing and public bombings.


Early LifeEdit

Amir got his doctorate in hazardous biochemistry after his parents were both killed in a drone strike.



Amir first blew up the commissary in Smog City with match shavings and apple cider vinegar, gradually took down over a dozen old buildings afterwards.

Drug DealingEdit

In the Summer of 2014, Amir took up dealing augmentative drugs to criminals in Los Verdes, purely to make the work of policemen much more difficult. When reports of bulletproof gangsters came in, this caught the attention of the EPF and sent the G-Team to investigate.

Facing the EssentialsEdit

Brought to JusticeEdit



"I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers!"
—Amir Alborz

Amir Alborz is a radical and manipulative terrorist who indoctrinates others into his own radical way of thinking.


  • Explosives Mastery: Amir is an explosives expert, making his bombs difficult to disarm. Along with setting explosives, he is a master and genius bomb maker. When he was in Smog City, he took out over a dozen buildings and blew up the commissary with nothing but match shavings and apple cider vinegar.
  • Expert Spy: Amir has information vital to the American nation's security.
  • Bilingualism: Amir speaks his native Arabic as well as English with fluency, although with a heavy accent.



  • C-4: Enough C-4 to blow up an entire building, usually set with 5 minute timers. His bombs can only be disarmed with special codes.
  • HMX: A military grade explosive compound ten times more powerful than C-4. Amir stole this from the Smog Munitions Factory. HMX is a very specific type of explosive. It's highly volatile, and very difficult to manufacture, and it's only use is to penetrate iron, like the Smog Armory.
  • Machete: A sharpened machete used for combat.




  • "Thueban" is Arabic for "snake."