"I was always more comfortable around numbers than people. I could control numbers. I never even saw the enemy until I was captured and I became a prisoner. I realized that night I had to control people like I controlled numbers, and I learned to practice a sort of immoral mathematics. And I did some not so good things. In the end, I found I was able to make them numbers add up; killing me does not equate in your moral mathematics. And now you know why you hate me. Not because I'm one insane, evil son of a bitch. Not insane, one day soon you will understand that. The reason you hate me is that I am a constant reminder of the capacity for evil that resides with in you."
—Ian Murphy to Jason Kade

Terrorbyte, known to the public as Ian Murphy is a highly intelligent and insane gangster, drug distributor, and scientist residing in Emerald City. He is the archenemy of the vigilante Almanac.

His reign over Oxbridge is what drove the vigilante into his identity crisis, until Ian's original nemesis the Hoodie returned from space for a final battle.


Early LifeEdit

Since the moment he was born, Ian quickly developed a serious brain malfunction which required a great deal of treatment. He spent much of his young life going through seemingly never ending tests alongside extremely painful treatments.

Ian "suffered" from a condition called low-latent inhibition, seeing everyday things and process everything. His brain was more open to incoming stimuli in the surrounding environment. Since Ian had a high IQ, it resulted in creative genius. With the low-latent inhibition, Ian became very attuned to all the suffering around him, unable to shut it out.

Foster CareEdit

After his parents' "passing", Ian was in an out of foster care his whole life, but in 1996 spent three years with a foster family, and his foster brother later went on to serve in the military.

The First TimersEdit

On December 25, 2014, Ian was beginning to make a new life out of himself, buying an apartment and coining the nickname of 'Morbo'. Upon these events included the introduction of an odd man who went by the name of Jake Woods. In private, Jake claimed to Ian that he was a 'superhero', going as far as to say he was a member of an elite team known as the Essentials. Thinking this was absurd and a concept only comic books would showcase, yet at the same time intrigued, he delved deeper. Ian was proven wrong, and apparently he was even more wrong than right.

The most astonishing discovery, however, was the plans for a piece of technology so advanced and dangerously impossible to combat, yet so simplistic and in front of him this whole time; microscopic robots. That was what he needed in order to do his dirty work, but not just any microscopic robots. The idea that popped up within his head was much more sickenly twisted than what the original concept; what if they were enhanced with weaponry?

Working with a VigilanteEdit

New Years RevolutionEdit

Gearing the VigilanteEdit

Ian constructed a highly effective computer system for Jason Kade, which he uses to locate people, places, and things Jason has a problem finding on his own.

Fragrant Harbor RaidEdit


On February 27, Ian began conducting a search for a rumored Dagger of Hex, with little knowing of another hunter. Ian was kidnapped by Brimstone and placed into an astral realm, as he was in the way. He was soon visited by Onyx, and was told that his imprisonment was temporary. At that moment he began to formulate his plan, and Onyx could sense it. He was afraid Onyx could read his mind, and had to stop thinking of it. The two then began to quarrel, but the magical essence caused Ian to become disoriented. Onyx threatened to tell Jason Kade his plan, and negotiated by keeping him there for the next three weeks. His mental state began to slowly deteriorate from the cosmic and mystic energies, but was also learning to control his astral plane.

Logging On as TerrorbyteEdit

Nearly three weeks later on March 18th, Ian returned from the astral plane in a psychotic manner, as well as under orders from his kidnapper to provide him with information on the Essentials and equipment they use. Ian had been contacted that his former foster brother had become stateside, stationed at a military base 300 miles away from Emerald City. He is assigned to weapons convoys that carry weapons by truck, and Ian decided to call in some favors, as he required equipment for his plan.

Reign over OxbridgeEdit

The Final BoutEdit


Ian is an ambitious and cunning sociopath who is willing to do whatever it takes to obtain power. Despite this hunger, Ian is patient and uses his high intellect to concoct plans in order to reach his goals. Virtually every move he makes is premeditated to a certain degree.

Ian is fixated on Almanac because he never talked much. He kept coming back because he never got a laugh out of him.

Terrorbyte's technology and insanity hide a devious mind bent on creating as much trouble as possible for his archenemy, Almanac. He is a devious crime boss who is seldom seen without technology. Ian has no moral compass nor regard for human life.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Mechanical Intuition: Ian's high intelligence quotient allowed him to have an innate understanding of mechanics and technology, allowing him to become an extremely talented computer hacker, and develop ways to provide technological solutions for problems.


"A new threat logs on!"
—Ian Murphy
  • Genius-Level Intelligence: Ian Murphy is a certified genius and has a photographic memory; he can recite 200 digits of pi. A former child prodigy who scored 150 on an IQ test, honor roll student, member of a science club and high school mathlete and valedictorian, who earned a college scholarship and graduated Summa Cum Laude as a member of a genius society, a chess master champion and a computer science graduate who majored in criminology and holds a chemistry diploma. He is thus proficient with computers, has aptitude in chemical weaponry and a part-time inventor who builds robots and small gadgets and has filed multiple patents. He is also an explosives expert (and expert in bomb disposal) who creates explosives using household objects, a cryptographer, a self-taught trained medical student, and an amateur App programmer, astronomer, chemist and petrologist. He writes computer viruses, frequent targets INS for cyber attacks, monitors international banks, hacks accounts in Saudi Arabia, and is an online eco-terrorist. He is also a Civil War expert, Medieval History expert, World War II expert and WW2 tank enthusiast. Ian is an extremely intelligent and formidable genius, able to go toe-to-toe with Almanac. Hence, his intellect extends itself to his hacking, tactical, strategic, deception, manipulative, leadership, and intimidation skills.
    • Master Hacker: Ian is an extremely talented but dangerous hacker, being able to shut down the alarms and security cameras to a maximum security psychiatric facility using his laptop, and he is also able to access information from around the globe. Ian is capable of breaking into any computer system, which makes him a valuable asset to the vigilante Jason Kade during his short period of assistance. He was able to hack into the crime lab computers of the Emerald City Police Department and order the disposal of the vigilante's blood. He is more than able to bypass most firewalls and is also able to do so with surprising speed. Ian has also proven himself to be a highly skilled computer specialist.
"Everything's planned, timed, and executed perfectly. A good plan is always flexible."
—Ian Murphy
    • Master Tactician: Ian is a genius at planning and improvising criminal activities, despite his insanity being capable of sometimes impairing his higher thinking. While scheming, Ian usually manages to stay one step ahead of the police, and sometimes even Almanac himself, due to him being completely unpredictable. Ian is also skilled at coming up with effective contingency plans. As a crime boss at the very top of Emerald City's criminal underworld, is a highly skilled and charismatic leader, inspiring fierce loyalty from all of his numerous goons. Ian is an expert at superbly getting into people's heads and manipulating them. This is one of the his most effective weapons, as it especially aides him in gaining followers in his many loyal goons, but is also useful for carrying out mental torture.
    • Multilingualism: Ian is a polyglot, and fluently speaks multiple languages, including fluent English, German and Esperanto. He also studies ancient languages.



  • Cognition Amplifier: A helmet that increases his intelligence, as well as allows him to pilot his Polymech, with him inside or remotely.
    • T-Comm: A stolen and modified version of the E-Comm. With this, Ian can control all of his P4R4S1T3s, as well as utilize other functions of the standard E-Comm.
  • Polymech: A technosuit that gives Ian mobility and durability. It contains an array of weapons, including A.U.T.O., Ian's unique deadly machine gun.

Weaponry and GadgetsEdit

As a gun enthusiast, Ian collects war memorabilia, blades, firearms, automatic weapons and surgical tools, and his frequent online purchase is ammunition.

  • Glock 26: A carbon fiber .28 caliber pistol made in China.
  • M249 Machine Gun: Ian bought a hundred M249 squad automatic weapons for him and his criminal empire. Military-grade hardware like this is given to street gangs. This machine gun is gas-powered, air-cooled, and fires up to 800 rounds per minute.
  • M4A1 Assault Rifle: Fully automatic assault rifles, military grade weapons he stole for his goons from an army base. When Ian stole this, he deactivated the tracking system in the crate, and since the United States Armed Forces installed a tracking system in all of their weapons crates, Ian is vulnerable to a remote signal being sent out that activates the beacon. Even though he deactivated it, the beacon is still susceptible to subform waves.
  • Colt 1911A1: A pistol not known by the Emerald City Police Department database that uses .45 caliber 300 grain cupronickel wadcutters.
  • Jennings .32
  • Smith & Wesson Model 586: A K-frame revolver.
  • FN SCAR 16: A military grade weapon with a grenade launcher.
  • P4R4S1T3s: Microscopic parasite-based robots that can be implanted into any living organism or piece of technology.  It is a superior piece of technology, being equipped with manually activated compartments that store deadly weaponry, the feature of overriding a piece of tech's programming, and the ability to affect and influence an organism's mentality. Versions include:
    • IR Burst Receiver: A P4R4S1T3 containing an incredibly advanced device capable of collecting data.
    • Memory Inhibitor: When placed on a person's temples, the memory inhibitor makes them forget the last two minutes by disrupting the pathway of the prefrontal lobes. If used too many times on the same person, it can cause brain damage.
    • Trimethylmercury-32: A P4R4S1T3 containing a poison supply, injecting it into humans upon command.
  • Quantum Subliminal Processor: A device developed by and stolen from Garrington Technologies.
  • Sniffer Device: A device used to wirelessly copy operating codes of other devices, also known appearing as cloning. Even if a device is not 100 percent cloned, he is able to extrapolate the remaining percent to build workable devices, with gathered parts.


  • Ian has a very vivid imagination.
  • Ian was a 'friend' of Hoodie and Solar Flare before their retirement, but this fact was unknown to Almanac prior to Ian's descent into crime.
  • Ian's bank account number is 452-2565-8968-789-54-5.
  • Ian owns the complete works of Nietzsche.
  • Ian is the only character in the entire roleplay to not be given an official public identity until Alphaverse extended the Epicverse continuity timeline.  If someone was to refer to him prior to Alphaverse's creation, his name would simply be Thought, after the character's creator.