"Your carcasses will lie dead at my feet, heroes. And the people of this planet will kneel before me! I will destroy your world. I will kill everyone you love!"

Tentaclor is the supreme leader of his alien master race, and the archenemy of the first roster of the Essentials.


Early LifeEdit

Tentaclor was born on a planet not too distant from Earth. His planet was frequently at war. Part of his planet was a democracy (equal rights for all, special privileges for none), a region of explorers and philosophers and scientists. The other region was a monarchy, with kings and queens who ruled a population of hoodlums. He was born to the monarchy, but left with the democracy. He viewed his own region as high and mighty and enlightened, ad look down on the lowly peasants, and the thought to attack without provocation always ran through his mind. This would later be his methodology in his plan to eradicate rivaling worlds.

Growing up, Tentaclor showed signs of belligerence. Rather than growing to be a ruler, his thirst for conflict opened the door for him to become a supreme military leader.

Arrival on EarthEdit

For several months, scientific corporations found incidents of photon intensity so great that particles can exist simultaneously in two spaces over great distances. These quantum entanglement bridges were created by Tentaclor, and when scientists suspected a powered person, he murdered them all.

Fighting the EssentialsEdit


Space ShowdownEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Electromagnetism Manipulation: Tentaclor learned to manipulate the electrical charge in his cells, concentrate them, and even transfer them onto something else, like static electricity.
  • Telekinesis: Tentaclor can move objects by manipulating the energy around them, giving him a form of molecular kinesis.
  • Telepathy: Tentaclor has access to instant telepathic communication with his army. Everyone on his planet communicates telepathically. Tentaclor has a hard time using this ability on Rapid because of his high speed perception and thought processing.
  • Teleportation: What his species calls "quantum entanglement", Tentaclor has the ability to manipulate interconnected particles over an infinite distance. Tentaclor leaves behind an organic particulate residual when he teleports. When other people's cells come into contact with Tentaclor's, they adopt his properties.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Being a Pod Person, Tentaclor has nine brains.


  • Darkness: Tentaclor can only become entangled with something he can see. When light is removed, he can't teleport, especially in dark spaces.
  • Machinery: Tentaclor is only able to read the minds of organic beings.
  • Range: Tentaclor can only communicate with those in his telepathic range.


  • Tentaclor's home planet's sun is X3Q8F-3X.
  • Tentaclor's cells move faster than Rapid's.