Tech Commander's Quiver is a specialized quiver utilized by Cole Grant for agent and vigilante activities.


Tech Commander's specialized arrow quiver is designed to organize and store his arrows as well as automatically assemble and deploy them during combat. The quiver is typically worn on Cole’s back allowing him easy access to his arrows. By carrying the arrows in two separate bundles, side by side, the quiver retains a flat, slim profile while being worn, which keeps it from hindering Cole’s movement. Each bundle contains sixteen arrows, making a total of thirty-two between the 2 halves.

The quiver is composed of a light-weight, symmetrical outer frame that houses two separate bundles of arrows. The frame surrounds the arrow bundles at the top and bottom, with a narrow spine between, protecting the internal mechanisms while leaving the arrow shafts and arrowheads visible. The arrow shafts and arrowheads are stored separately, the arrowheads being stored in short cylinders in the bottom of the quiver and the arrow shafts stored in long cylinders above the arrowheads. Mechanisms in the quiver allow the cylinders in the top and bottom to rotate, moving freely of each other. When an arrow is ready to be drawn an arrow shaft and arrowhead are lined up and mechanisms lower the arrow shaft, which is threaded like a screw, allowing the arrowhead to screw on. The arrow is then lifted up above the other arrows so that it can easily be found and drawn.

Tech Commander’s quiver and bow are remotely linked and work as a pair. The remote built into the grip of Cole’s bow is linked to the quiver, allowing Cole to “dial up” specific trick arrows to fit the current situation. Dialing in a specific armament causes an arrow shaft to combine with a specialized arrowhead, such as standard, explosive, or grappling hook.