Tech Commander's Penthouse is the residence of Cole Grant.


Main FloorEdit

The main floor of the penthouse contains most of the basic living areas, including a large, open foyer/living room and a bar. The foyer is large enough to host upscale parties, much to Tech Commander's personal taste and style.


The workshop is where Tech Commander tinkers with new inventions, and sometimes experiments with his friends Nismo and Jason.

A large, open area with mostly concrete walls, this area is well suited for small scale testing of Cole's inventions.

The entire workshop possesses an expansive hologram projector system that was operated through K.A.R.I., where Cole can manipulate digital projections for a variety of purposes such as looking at documents through the internet and secure databases, or to project a 3-D model of his or anything that he is creating or studying.


On the lowest floor of the penthouse is where the Essentials store their suits, and where Tech Commander stores his armored suits.


  • Electromagnetic Locks
  • Lexan Windows
  • Personal Grid
  • Proximity Alarm

Armored Suits Edit

Mark I/A.P.P. Suit Edit

  • Armor Summon: Due to a series of computer chips he has implanted in his arms, Cole can summon the armor, as well as place the armor on others, with a simple gesture.
  • Telepresence: Cole can mentally command the suit with the aid of a telepresence headset built into his E-Comm.

Mark II/Heartbreaker Suit Edit

  • Muon Technology Input: The Muon Technology input allows it to fire narrow or wide beams and generate a repulsor shield for protection.
  • Oversized Chest RT: The Heartbreaker armor has an oversized chest RT, which can fire powerful blasts.

Mark III/Silver Centurion Suit Edit

  • Blade Protrusion: It has blades hidden in the arms that can be used in battle.
  • Energy Saving: It saves more energy than any of the other suits. Cole made this because one of his issues with his suits in battle was that they run out of power.


  • Tech Commander's Penthouse takes inspiration from Tony Stark's Mansion.