"Together, not only will we make a lot of money, we will make history. Together, we are gonna take over Los Verdes."

"If we're gonna own this town, it's gonna take power. Do you know how to get power? Fear."

Stone Jones, known to the public as Vincent "Vinnie" Jones, is an extremely durable mobster residing in Emerald City.


Early LifeEdit



On January 23, 1990, Vinnie would be nicknamed Stone after his initiation into a gang by killing an innocent woman. He claims it was not just for the initiation, but because she was weak, crying, and begging him not to kill her.

Over time, he amassed his own crew.

Sent to PrisonEdit

Vinnie's past would soon catch up with him, and he was sent to prison.

Release from PrisonEdit

Stone was released from prison on February 20, 2016. He was released due to his men killed all of the witnesses on his case to get him out.

Old WaysEdit

Stone returned to one of his bases to learn that one of his men had killed a police officer, and beat him to death, as his plan required no mistakes and the cops not knowing anything. He had later received a call from the criminal's lawyer, and that call was traced by Tech Commander for the Essentials to find the warehouse. He had torched evidence of the criminal, but unfortunately left behind industrial blueprints, which were schematics for a warehouse where the police store all their physical evidence on active cases, and he wanted to steal evidence to get those cases thrown out of court.

Warehouse HeistEdit

One night, he and his crew used a truck to pack up what they could gather of the evidence, but were apprehended by the Essentials. He had come cross Flare, and offered him a gun to shoot him with. He was shot in the head, but survived due to his durability. He had began strangling Flare, until Tech Commander shot him back with a round of arrows. He had made off with his crew in the truck, and the rest of his crew was released, becoming a part of his crew.

Throughout the next week, he and his crew went on a crime spree unlike anything since Al Capone. The police had sent in an ESU team to arrest him, but ended up in the hospital.

Kidnapping AldermenEdit

"I've always wanted to meet the mayor. Bring him and the mayor, and kill the rest."

Stone and other members of his crew ambushed a meeting at Emerald City Hall, and kidnapped three aldermen in the process but failed to kidnap the mayor, and one of his crew members is left behind, and forced to reveal information on his location.

"Bad choice, this one's on you."

The Essentials attempt to rescue the aldermen, but fail due to Stone overpowering them. Stone got in the back of the van holding the aldermen and was shot with an arrow by Tech Commander, and responded by killing one of the aldermen. Stone later called the mayor, ordering to meet at Brockton Point in one hour. At Brockton Point, Stone ordered for the police to get out of Los Verdes in exchange for the aldermen, and gave them one day.

"I will keep this city safe, by killing anyone that doesn't do what I say."

Stone found the Essentials leaving with the aldermen and began shooting at them. He was mislead by a device used by Tech Commander to throw his voice, while the rest escaped by jumping out the window onto the helicopter ladder.


After one week without a police presence in Los Verdes, Stone and his crew used the Los Verdes precinct as a base of operations. During that week, Stone threatened every member of local government, and members of his crew began robbing establishments for his cut, cutting down cell towers, and staying out of satellite line of sight, and used walkie-talkies for communication. When two of Stone's crew told him about the failed diner robbery, he killed one, and was about to kill the other when Tech Commander cut the power to the precinct. The Essentials had busted in through a ventilation shaft, an while his crew took them on, he grabbed a shotgun and flares, and began to shoot at them. With much fire he pulled out his piece, when Tech Commander shot him in the arm, causing him to shoot the ceiling and made debris fall and get in his way.


Later when he and his crew were about to leave the precinct, the Essentials took him head on and finally defeated him, and was soon taken back to prison.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Superhuman Durability


  • Expert Combatant


  • Vinnie's van's license plate is MGGT7X.
  • Vinnie lives at 1798 11th Street in Los Verdes.
  • Vinnie was nicknamed "Stone" for his incredible durability.