The Solar System is a technological device formerly used by Solar Flare, and now Flare.


Essentially, the Solar System is a portable tablet used by Flare for hacking purposes. With this, Flare is able to access the internet, hack systems and heat and motion sensors, deactivate internal security cameras, and scan digital infrastructure. These come in the forms of projected holograms. The Solar System also shows maps, vantage points and can download blueprints of locations and security footage. Remotely, the Solar System can reprogram a unit's conversion from one thing to another (e.g. X-rays to electromagnetic pulses) with a cascading energy vector directed outward. The Solar System can also show holograms of schematics, and reroute power.


The applications on the tablet were designed and downloaded by Oswald Garrington for a variety of purposes.

  • Daily Apple App:
  • Full-Spectrum Vision App: An app used to visualize the whole electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to near-ultraviolet.
  • Heat Signature Detector App: A scanner app used to identify and isolate potential threats using the distinct heat signature emitted by some bodies.
  • Holocom App: An app mainly used for mission debriefings, preliminary investigation and mission monitoring.
  • Infrared Vision App: An app used to detect thermal radiation.
  • Police Scanner App:
  • Spectrographic Analyzer App: An app used to determine the frequency spectrum of an item.
  • Three Dimensional App: A scanner app used to retrieve and transmit readings to the Essentials' Holotable.
  • Tracker App: An app used to track online cellphone signals.
  • Voice Modulation App:
  • X-Ray Vision App: A scanner app used as a portable x-ray scanner.