"All of us have powers, skills, and abilities. Where I come from, heroes use those powers to fight to make the world a better place, whether it's their world or not. We're alive, and where there's life, there's hope."

"I'll never let the pain, the darkness, determine who I am."

Rapid, known to the public as Dashiell "Dash" Forman, is a speedster superhero, and member of the original roster of Essentials.

Dash gained incredible powers, but at the cost of his childhood. He can run like the wind, and move at supersonic speeds, but his abilities distance him from a normal life, making him often irritable and cold, and reserving his warmth for his family and friends. Dash's aligned himself with the Essentials, but in truth he's always running to uncover the road to his future. Like his namesake, Dash can be elusive, but he's always there in a flash.

Ever since Hoodie disappeared, he had sped off to defend Center City, 600 miles away, but returned in April of 2016, and disappeared once more a year later.


Early LifeEdit

Dashiell "Dash" Forman was born on September 5, 1989 in Center City. At a young age, Dash developed an affinity for science. He was often picked on due to his intelligence and some of his other interests, which others would find off-putting.


Gaining PowersEdit

Joining the EssentialsEdit

The completion of extended observation of Dash's crimefighting led him to be offered recruitment by the EPF, to join their team of superheroes.

Adventures with the EssentialsEdit

Meeting his MatchEdit

Fast FightEdit


After two years of fighting crime, Dash was on the brink of quitting due to the slow decline of his sanity. His friend Hoodie disappearing was the only reason he needed, as the rest of the Essentials had scattered along with him. Dash returned to his home city to take down threats that posed there.

Back in Center City, Dash declared war on the Turchino Crime Family.

Return to Emerald CityEdit

On April 6, 2016, Dash returned to Emerald City, although with an altered roster of the Essentials, he quickly befriended them.

Bolting OffEdit

Later, when the Hoodie returned for a final showdown, he eventually returned once more to his city, inspired to save it.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit


"I can inspire people in a way that others never could, watching over my city like a guardian angel. Making a difference, saving people, rapidly."

Dash's DNA was altered by lightning to supercharge his cells with enormous amounts of electricity and likewise augmented his physiology to beyond peak human potential, obtaining a lean-built frame to properly handle his new abilities.

  • Superhuman Speed: Dash was struck with lightning bonded with directed dark matter from a particle accelerator explosion, granting him access to an eternal, endless void of time and energy, allowing him to generate large amounts of kinetic energy in his cells to move at incalculable speeds. The intensity of his speed allows Dash to run up vertical surfaces, across the surface of water, intangibly phase through solid matter, run into other planes of frequency, and even time travel. While Dash and other speedsters move their legs at the same speed, he is much faster than them because with each stride, Dash's feet spend less time on the ground, thus propelling him forward much faster by almost 30 percent.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Dash's muscles are in a chronic and unexplained state of cellular regeneration, granting him remarkable healing capacities. His molecules move at accelerated rates, making his metabolism mend damage much quicker and more efficiently than normal humans. Most damage heals in hours if not minutes with no treatment or lingering signs. Even normally permanent damage, like paraplegia, completely is repaired in days. He recovers from in seconds if not is immune to any illness or contaminant. This also enhances his vitality, drastically reducing his aging process while extending his health and longevity.

"Imagine being a speedster. Days seem like weeks. Hours seem like days. And seconds seem like... you get the point."

    • Accelerated Perception: Dash has an entirely different concept of time than most. When Dash first got his powers, he thought the world was slowing down, when really he was moving so fast, it only looked like everyone else was standing still.
      • Superhuman Reflexes: Dash's speed extends to his reflexes as well, even if he is not moving at super speed, as he manages to easily dodge bullets shot at him, with it appearing to be moving at him in slow motion (at least 62 times slower than in reality), and shooters themselves frozen in place, from Dash's perspective. While in this state, he is shown to still able to outpace not only moving objects, but the speed of other forces, such as gravity, allowing him to move faster than an object can be affected by gravity and begin falling.
    • Extreme Force Generation: Dash, due to his great speed, has superhuman momentum, and while this does not enhance his strength, it does greatly increase the force behind his blows, making them equivalent to those of considerable superhuman strength. Hence, Dash is able to easily send people flying through the air by colliding with them at immense speed.
    • Intangibility: If Dash vibrates at the natural frequency of air, his body, his cells, will be in a state of excitement that allows him to phase through walls. This is also known as quantum tunneling and density shifting.
    • Electricity Manipulation: Dash can hurl/throw/toss lightning from the energy he creates when he runs. Dash calls this "pulling a Zeus" and "thunderbolting." Dash naturally generates heat in the form of lightning.
    • Time Travel: A side effect of his incredible speed, Dash can move so fast that the resulting kinetic energy buildup smashes a hole in the space-time continuum. If Dash can go fast enough, if he can hit a particle with enough speed (Mach 2 minimum), he will punch a hole right through the fabric of reality, and will create a portal connecting this time to infinite times; a wormhole, opening a gateway into time itself, through which one might travel back to the past or forward to the future. However, if he doesn't achieve the desired proper velocity, he will die. When time travelling, Dash sees his past, present and future all at once, so he needs to focus on where he wants to go.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Dash is a genius due to his increased neural velocity. In college, he had five majors, one of them being biochemistry. Dash is known for his quick thinking, and his speedster brain helps him retain information others cannot.
    • Master Engineer: Dash is one of the finest mechanical engineers the EPF has ever seen, proving to be an invaluable ally to them and the Essentials.
    • Master Scientist: Dash is a tremendous scientist. Biochemistry was one of his majors in college. He once distilled a highly fermented potent suspension, basically 500-proof to affect him, unlike normal alcohol.

"Fighting is physics. It's not about strength, it's not about size, it's about energy and power."

  • Expert Combatant: If Dash channels his speed the right way, he can take down his enemies. However, Dash does not need superhuman speed to kick ass. Prior to joining the Essentials, Dash was a relatively inexperienced fighter, often resorting to generating extreme force to push people, then running away. However after months of experience, Dash became a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.


  • Wall-Walking: Dash can build up enough speed to run up the side of a building. Depending on how far how far up he needs to go, he just has to run normally but has to maintain velocity on the way down.
  • Water-Walking: Assuming Dash's weight, 450 pounds of force per step for vertical suspension an accounting for fluid drag, Dash can run on water by going approximately 650 miles per hour.
  • Supersonic Punch
  • Vacuum Creation
  • Speed Mirage
  • Terminal Velocity


  • Hyper-Metabolism: Dash's cells are in a constant state of flux, and is vulnerable to acute hypoglycemia. The sensors in his suit kick back telemetry, meaning his vitals spike for a few seconds when his glucose levels drop. Dash requires a fashioned diet based on his metabolic changes, or he will pass out and face total metabolic failure brought on by acute hypoglycemia. Whenever Dash passes out, he requires 40 IV bags. Dash cannot receive any anesthetic, as his metabolism will burn right through it. Due to his hyper-metabolism, Peter is unaffected by normal alcohol.
  • Cold Temperatures: Speed and cold are opposites. Temperature is measured by how quickly the atoms of something are oscillating; the faster they are, the hotter it is. When things are cold, they're slower on the atomic level. When there's no movement at all, it's called absolute zero.
  • Electricity Absorption
  • Sonic Technology: Everything has a natural frequency, and since sound is expressed as a vibration, if the pitch of a sound matches the natural vibration frequency of an object, or in this case, Dash, his organs will shear apart.
  • Anti-Speedster Weaponry: Dash is vulnerable to gadgets designed to apprehend him, such as kinetic needles: micro-fragments attracted to kinetic energy.
  • Speed-Dampening Serum
  • Kinetic Energy Absorption
  • Speed Transmission
  • Carbyne
  • Zero-Gravity



  • Rapid Suit: Dash owns a friction-proof suit made of a reinforced tri-polymer. It is heat and abrasive resistant, so it withstands Dash's moving at high-velocity speeds. The aerodynamic design helps him maintain control, and has built-in sensors so his allies can track his vitals and stay in contact with him.
    • Earpieces: A two-way headset with a camera modified and typically designed to combat battlefield impulse noise, or in his case, potential sonic booms. These can be turned off. The radio waves emanating from them are about 1,900 megahertz.
  • Watch: Dash's watch accounts for his velocity down to the picosecond, tracks his biometrics and keeps a constant GPS record, time-stamped and accurate to within a few feet.

Weaponry and GadgetsEdit

  • High Calorie Protein Bars: Dash carries these to consume and keep his metabolism up.
  • Vacutainer: Dash has a blood-collection kit to collect samples.
  • Treadmill: A treadmill modified to handle his speed. When running on this, Dash's heart rate, blood pressure, and nerve conduction are all normal, and his brainwave function is within standard limits. Dash uses this to detect anything wrong with him while he runs.






  • Dash is the first speedster in the roleplay.