"A bullet will kill you three ways. The first way: extremities. Miss a major artery and you got ten to twenty minutes before you bleed out. The second way: anywhere in the tens, center chest. The bullet will tumble, lots of bone to splinter, the heart or the arteries get hit, blood pressure drops to zero. The final way is the kill shot. Middle of the skull, any angle. Like a marionette with the strings cut, you're dead before your brain can process what happened. Guns change everything, and a bullet is forever."

"In real life, you got variables. You know, you got rifling twist. You got chamber pressure. You got bullet weight. Some shots you'll even have to take the curvature of the Earth in with the wind effect. You know, there's a lot of variables in the street."

Killshot, known to the public as Gregory Cross, is a hired mercenary residing in Emerald City.

Gregory is one of the best snipers in the world, which makes him a man to be feared. For a sniper to survive, he has to learn to become invisible, to disappear into his surroundings for long periods of time. After three tours in Afghanistan, the official count credited him with nearly 400 combat kills. Prolific is an understatement. Gregory's true skill is killing, and he's mastered it. He's not just a great shooter, not just a man who can hide in plain sight; he's patient, committed and fearless.


Early LifeEdit

Gregory cross grew up in Massachusetts amid a difficult childhood. He had an abusive older brother who would frequently beat up Gregory and his younger brother. It was for this reason that Gregory took up the art of self-defense.

Military CareerEdit

Gregory spent years away from his family in service of his country as a sniper for the United States Armed Forces, even missing his daughter being born. He served for three years, and experienced numerous traumatic events.

Return HomeEdit

When finally coming home from war, while given a warm welcome from his wife, his daughter was scared of her father and kept her distance from him. Over time, Gregory's post-traumatic stress disorder from killing so many people combined with his daughter's rejection of him made Gregory turn to drinking and troubled around his family. This drinking was to the point that he couldn't hold a job or even socialize with people. When he finally lost his nerve telling his wife she does not understand about what happened to him and pulled out a gun on her, before quickly pulling back ashamed, his actions destroyed the last bit of trust his family had, to which his wife had him arrested and a restraining order put in place.


Gregory's bail was posted by an organization in need of his very particular talent, and began a career as a gun for hire. The organization paid handsomely for his skills.

After every kill, he tattoos the name of the victim on his body.

Time in Emerald CityEdit

During his time in Emerald City, he stayed in a motel at 1700 Broadway Boulevard, and received a laptop with blueprints of the Exchange Building. He was hired to assassinate potential buyers of an industry for sale, but the Almanac soon foiled his assassination attempt.


A twisted murderer, Gregory isn't interested in simply killing his victims, but obsesses over killing them perfectly. He sees death as the single most important moment in a person's life, and strives to make each spectacular.

Gregory is well-aware of his marksmanship and isn't the least bit modest about it, even going as far as to brag to people that he doesn't miss.


"I don't miss."

  • Peak Human Condition
  • Master Marksman: Gregory is an incredibly formidable and lethal marksman, thus being extremely skilled with numerous ranged weapons due to being a former member of the US Special Forces. His marksman skills are so great, that Gregory is said to be lethal at 4 km, with him hardly ever missing his mark, thereby earning his infamous nickname.
  • Master Assassin: Gregory is an extremely skilled assassin, having become an infamous gun for hire ever since leaving the US Special Forces, assassinating his targets in mere seconds after a price that satisfies him is offered. Gregory is the most wanted hitman in the world, with him therefore having elite clientele.
  • Expert Combatant: Gregory, as a former member of the US Special Forces, is a highly skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant.



  • Killshot Suit: Gregory wears a suit as his villain alter-ego, Killsshot, when he is out on an assignment. The suit is equipped, including an armored chest piece, fully loaded bandolier, and various magazines of ammunition.

Weaponry and GadgetsEdit


  • Gregory was given his alias because he almost never misses.