Ice Cap is the notorious clone of Solar Flare hiding out in Emerald City.



Ice Cap was working on an experiment with a device that uses both a crystalline nucleation process and a delivery mechanism that he designed. When his lab exploded, a freezing agent was infused into his system.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Ice Manipulation: Ice Cap's most unique ability is his power to naturally manipulate ice and form ice from the moisture available to them either from standing water, the atmosphere, or possibly even his own body. He is able to form and shape the ice into various tools, most commonly spiked or bladed weapons. In combat, Ice Cap is most commonly known to encase his arms in ice formed into large spikes to strike and impale his enemies. Through this power, Ice Cap can also inflict his enemies with a form of extreme frost bite through direct physical contact.
    • Freezing: Ice Cap's cells have an abnormal ability to create trace amounts of liquid nitrogen. This anomaly appears to be environmental, not genetic.


  • Expert Combatant: Ice Cap is a very capable unarmed fighter, having given his genetic template Peter Blake countless extensive bouts.


  • Ice Cap Cuffs: If his powers are disabled, Ice Cap carries cuffs containing compact cryo-engines capable of achieving absolute zero. The cuffs are powered by engine-control units, microcomputers that regulate air-to-fuel ratio so the sub-cooled fluid in the chambers don't overflow and explode. When fired, it appears as a white flame, but cold and freezes objects and people. The cuffs are capable of causing first-degree frostbite, which will freeze tendons, blood vessels and nerves.