The G-Tech Exosuit, also known as the G-Tech Exoskeleton or the G-Tech Technosuit, is a specially designed technological armor created by Garrington Technologies. The suit is made of an alloy which mimics intra-molecular compression of a dwarf-star, thus emitting Alpha Particles.



The helmet system interfaces with the gauntlet modulators. The virtual TCP is connected to the open-source sensor. The helmet features a high spectrum portable radiograph, and facial recognition software. There is a neural network in the helmet, which allows the wearer's brain to give the suit commands, and the link can be activated and deactivated. The transmitter, however, can be severed. The helmet features a targeting system, which can overload if used too much.


The gauntlets of the suit feature a pulse burst which fire eight-hundred volts in 2 seconds, via the modulated stress energy tenser. The gauntlets will not work if the magnetic coils are overclocked. The nanite chips in each gauntlet contain transplex interfaces and function from the quantum processors, which with the dwarf-star alloy power the compressed hard-light beams, the suit's primary weapon. The gauntlet modulators interface with the helmet system, and feature quad-band circuitry. The gloves are heavy. On the verge of firing a compressed hard-light beam, the gauntlets can be used for incandescence. A button on the gauntlet contains a miniaturized missile-guidance system capable of delivering high-explosive ordnance. The compressed hard-light beams are fired from the photon cannons. The gauntlets also tell the wearer if they have core containment.


The belt is where the suit's power source is found. The belt features a rotator cuff. Inside the belt are solid oxide fuel cells, to hide the hardware, which generate enough power to operate the suit. The operating temperature used to overheat the system, but they were insulated with a ceramic compound, which improved the operating efficiency.


  • Data Recording: The suit can record over ten terabytes of data, which can be uploaded in real time to a geosynchronous satellite.
  • Durability: The suit at the moment is impenetrable, but if the suit is affected by water, the electronics will begin to fry, making the suit lose propulsion control.
  • Electricity Projection
  • Facial Recognition: The facial recognition software allows the wearer to identify people.
  • Flight: The suit is able to fly from the propulsion control.
  • Neural Network: When online, the wearer's brain can tell the suit what to do, via the helmet or E-Comm.
  • Photon Cannons: The primary weapon of the gauntlets is to fire compressed hard-light beams, mainly powered by the dwarf-star alloy and function from the nanite chips. The compressed hard-light beams are sometimes mistaken for lasers.
  • Superhuman Strength: The suit enhances the wearer's strength to superhuman levels, enough to knock a man back with one punch.
  • X-Ray Vision: The suit allows the wearer to see through walls, via the high spectrum portable radiograph in the helmet.


  • The suit has its own subroutine directory in Garrington Technologies computers.
  • The G-Tech Exosuit was originally designed for an exoskeletal character, but the idea was put down.