"You can't lock up the darkness."

Foreshadow, known to the public as Meg Robinson, is a superhero and member of the first roster of the Essentials.

Meg's ability to control shadows darkened her childhood and made her an outcast. She later learned true power to make her a force to be reckoned with, but evil influences pushed her into a life of crime. Meg found a better path with the Essentials where she grew into a hero, gaining life-long friends, yet also eternal foes. Her power comes from chaos, but her wandering soul still tries to bring order to the wide world around her.


Early LifeEdit

Meg Robinson was an assistant at a physics lab where they were trying to harness the electrical power of something called Zero Matter. Meg was exposed, ended up being able to absorb all types of energy. Her powers robbed her of a normal life.

Adventures with the EssentialsEdit




Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Darkness Manipulation: Meg is able to manipulate a form of unstable and powerful cosmic radiation made of pure negative energy for a variety of effects, but she is partial to blasts of dark energy.


  • Unstableness: Meg can be weakened by being exposed to more energy than she can absorb at once.




  • While Meg is stable, she wields her powers with proficiency and is capable of controlling multiple occurrences at once.