Fire Gauntlets are a pair of mechanized gloves used by Flare.



The gauntlets were created in April of 2013 by Tech Commander for Solar Flare, if his powers were to ever be canceled out. The original design was a pair of wrist-mounted mechanical devices used to project flames.


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  • Absolute Heat Blast: When the Fire Gauntlet is fired, it increases the surrounding temperature of the air dramatically, like an extreme heat wave. The Fire Gauntlet's temperature output was measured, and it successfully reaches absolute hot, or the hottest temperature and object can reach, also known as Planck temperature.
  • Fire Projection: The left gauntlet fires highly-concentrated combustible liquid fuel that ignites on contact with the air, like a flamethrower.
  • Healing: The gauntlets are laced with a microthread that Tech Commander designed which accelerates Nismo's healing.
  • Protection: The gauntlets are made from compression microfibers to prevent damage done to Flare.
  • Sonic Fire Extinguisher: The right gauntlet utilizes a military-grade sub-sonic blast at over 250 MPH for the safe and speedy extinguishing of out of control forest fires.
  • Superhuman Strength: The mechanized gloves give Flare the strength of 10 men. Oswald Garrington managed to increase the strength of the human hand tenfold by using Greenblatt's law of inverse pressurization to maximize its relative force, increasing its power.


  • Grenade Launcher: To assist in situations where targets are not with the line of sight, a rocket propelled grenade launcher has been fitted to the gloves.
  • Plasma Output: In the future, the gloves integrate a high-powered plasma output. It launches a stream of superheated plasma so powerful that it vaporizes the air around it, creating a nearly perfect beam of scorching gas.