E-Comms, short for Essentials Communicator's, are a series of communication headset devices invented by Cole Grant, as lead technology supplier for the Essentials.


The E-Comm has several features, and multiple capabilities. The set basically goes halfway around the back of the head over the ears. With it comes a wireless communication setup, as well as a microphone to get the attention of opponents on the left side. On the right side is the displayable holo-monocle, which allows you to alter your vision from backscatter, thermal, and x-ray vision. The E-Comms have embedded sensorineural silicone matched to each member's DNA.



All-Star's version of the E-Comm is similar to the original, except it doesn't display a holo-monocle and is black and red, and is covered by his helmet. There is a police radio installed into this communicator, a voice modulator, and a microphone.

Tech CommanderEdit

Tech Commander's version of the E-Comm includes an invariably displayed holo-monocle, and is black and light blue. This E-Comm serves as an interface that allows Cole to remotely pilot his Autonomous Prehensile Propulsion armored suit.


Terrorbyte's version of the E-Comm, which he calls the T-Comm, is stolen and later modified, as well as colored black and green. Ian's high level of technical sophistication allowed him to work the T-Comm into his Cognition Amplifier.


  • Cole Grant is the only Essentials member to keep his holo-monocle displayed at all times.