"Peace is an illusion, and no matter how tranquil the world seems, peace doesn't last long. Peace is a struggle against our very nature. A skin we must stretch over the bone, muscle and sinew of our own innate savagery. The instinct of violence curls inside us like a parasite, waiting for a chance to feed on our rage and multiply until it bursts out of us. War is the only thing we really understand."
—Isaac Morov

Ositis Templar IV is the Tharen cryomancer who leads the Southlands' Scythe militia. On his arrival to Earth, he took on the name Isaac Morov and became an ally to the Arcadian Rebels while still leading his own specialized soldiers, the Death Troopers. Isaac is a mysterious, furious, and militant revenant.

Isaac left the Rebels to strike out on his own to lead his own soldiers, but ultimately returned to his original comrades to keep up the fight. Isaac soon developed a darker side, however. For nearly two months, he became murderous and malevolent. He began to question his life as a hero and his future legacy, but time told if Isaac could keep his cool when the heat's turned up.

With Almanac's help to return to sanity, Isaac confronted his dark side and ultimately sacrificed himself, but later returned and began training as the Angel of Death (like his grandfather), though this was brief, and he returned to being known as Ositis and began a career in weapons manufacturing. When this digression of maliciousness was over, Isaac briefly got back in touch with his Ghoul roots to assemble Scythe, in order to fight for a free and equal world.

Isaac fought many more battles, but perished by the Sword of the Three Eyes. Sienna resurrected him four years afterwards with blood and dark magic to keep fighting.


Early LifeEdit

Lawless ChildhooodEdit

Ositis Templar IV was born in the Southlands on a planet known as Realm 4, known as the Realm of Madness, on April 14, 1993. He was born in the house of Der Leiters, the fourth son of a fatherly wraith and human mother, destined to eventually take the throne of his Realm's country. His parents named him after his ancesotr Klinge's right-hand man, top officer and a true hero. He was born in City-027 but raised in the northern City-07 (near City-04), one of the 47 cities, a coastal capital haunted by Ghouls that would prey on innocents. Newborns in northern Realm 4 would usually receive American or European (primarily Russian) names.

Having been born into a royal family, Ositis was safe, but he highly desired to defend against those who would seek harm against his home. His species resembles that of a human, although he is more acclimated to extremely low temperatures. His father was an expedition leader, and his mother worked as a "Lord." As he learned more and more about the inhabitants of his lands, he desired even more for the two species to live equally. Growing up, Templar had a good friend named Jack, who later joined him in the Scythes.

An urban myth of Realm 4 intrigued Ositis. There was tell of a monster known as the "Six-Eyed Beast," referred to as "the Devil of Realm 4" and "evil itself," a blood-sucking monster. Ositis was not afraid of this monster, however; he wanted to meet it and possibly battle it.


When Isaac was 11, he was very protective of his friends, Luna and Dan, as they were often the target of bullies. Isaac was adept at ridding of them, but had low self-esteem because he was unfamiliar with how his powers worked. Because of this, he viewed himself as a coward. His brother Hans reported this to his teacher Johnson, who sympathized for Isaac.

As Isaac grew closer with Luna, and the two vowed to always watch each other's backs. One day, Isaac's school was bombed by the Templar Cross. Johnson was sniped in the head, as other teachers, nurses and kids were murdered. The Templar Cross took Isaac from his friends and recruited him to be an assassin at the Templar Cross Academy. They saw him as a prime recruit due to his royal status.

Orphans of TimeEdit



"I lived a life to train myself during war. I faced four wars for the country that my father led, so I led four divisions. After that, my father died. He gave me the throne, and then I lost it to my brother, Erebus"
—Isaac Morov

With the Clan, he gained knowledge on kill tactics. He befriended Yuri Novich while at the Academy, who would later grow up to be a marksman. During his time with them, he killed 30 targets, but at some point he angered them and defected. Templar was trained at an early age in combat, swordsmanship, knife-fighting and marksmanship so he may lead his father's army to victory. He also gained some knowledge in science, enough to conduct his own experiments later on involving cloning monsters.

Templar's first sword was known as "Midnight." His training with swords surpassed any other weapons training he took.

Becoming a CryomancerEdit

When the time came, Templar chose to become a cryomancer for his warrior class. As for his human name, he decided upon Isaac Morov, from Isaac Shmitt, a former Commander of the Templar Empire Forces who died in November 1230 after he was killed by an axe to the face, and was survived by his two sons' families. "Isaac" began his ice manipulation and weapons training, and also practiced the dark arts.

Secret Trooper ProjectEdit

When Isaac came of age, he served as a Colonel in his father's Secret Trooper Project. While serving, he was placed within a tank that briefly transformed his blood black and eventually dark blue after five days.

He rose through the ranks until he officially became the Overseer after the Battle of the Holy Fields.

Dark HoursEdit

Rescuing WilsonEdit

"Oi, playtime is over."
"Who said that?"
"I did.
—Isaac Morov and Yuki

In City-20, Isaac assisted the 20th Police Department on a mission to rescue a hostage from Yuki's hangar. Isaac had a vendetta with Yuki, as he was responsible for the death of 10 Scythe soldiers. The man known as Yuki planned to kill the hostage and get away in a blimp. Before Yuki could stab the hostage with a pair of bloody scissors, Isaac appeared from the darkness and kicked him into the wall. Frustrated, his tentacles protruded and his hand became a blade. He threw Yuki across the hangar and into the bathroom, and then freed the hostage.

Isaac approached Yuki and stomped on his head, which sent him through a toilet and through the floor. Isaac found him once more, stabbed him, and threw him at the blimp. Yuki survived, and ordered his soldiers to fire on him. Isaac dodged most of the bullets and stabbed the soldiers.

Meanwhile, Inspector Ryan was chasing a criminal and successfully killed him, resuming to solve a murder, and Luna used her katana to defend herself from train bandits. Both of them witnessed the hostage situation.

Losing his SisterEdit

Isaac's sister Anubis was tortured and killed by his former classmate, Dan. He found her exposed corpse in Dan's blimp, and angrily retaliated against Dan and his troops. An intense duel broke out between Isaac and Dan, but the latter escaped by exploiting the former's misery against him. He flew off, leaving Anubis' corpse to be properly disposed of and honored by Isaac.

Losing his HomeEdit

Isaac's home was soon destroyed. An attack caused the Templar empire to collapse, and resulted in the death of Erebus and his wife and child.

When he arrived on Earth, he acquired multiple languages, including English, Russian, German, Romanian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Estonian. Over time, Isaac recruited Earthly soldiers and mercenaries to join his army.

On his early ventures, Isaac met Lance White, and soon became acquitted with his team, the Arcadian Rebels. The two became great friends, having bloodshed and an enthusiasm for fighting in common.

Adventures with the RebelsEdit



Street ShootoutEdit

In March 2017, Isaac led his troopers into fire against one of Neo Arcadia's gangs. During this, he brought along one of his best soldiers, John Blue.

Solo SoldierEdit

Assassination of TekorelliEdit

On September 1, 2017, Isaac was threatened by the mobster, Rocco Tekorelli, and was given an ultimatum: kill one of two of Rocco's enemies, or take his own life. Isaac chose option C, and killed Rocco by stomping him to death, and then proceeded to bury him. This placed Isaac on the Tekorelli Crime Family's hit-list, so he decided to lead a resistance against the remaining supporters of Rocco's campaign.

Two days later he was seen escaping Rocco's vengeful underlings by jumping through a coffee shop window, followed him painfully removing glass from his wrist. He did this as he planned to hunt down the rest of the Tekorellis, and their families.

Isaac killed 30 more of Tekorelli's men with just a revolver.

Struggle for ControlEdit

"I am controlling myself now, but I don't know how much I can control it."
—Isaac Morov, 9/16/2017


Lord Galactic WarEdit

The Lord Galactic War ended around September 24, 2017.

Losing ControlEdit

"The sword has fallen!"
—Isaac Morov, October 28, 2017

The next month, Isaac began to fall from sanity. He turned to the training burnt into his mind and used it to kill innocent coal miners and EPF agents, and even persuaded his lawyer, Leonardo Arrington to join him in the bloodshed. The more he killed, the more Isaac's bloodlust built up, and even led to him referring to himself as "renegade."


In late October 2017, Isaac was requested by his brother to test the avionics of a new jet model. When he was flying it, he discovered there was a faulty thruster. The jet crashed, resulting in the deaths of over a thousand innocent civilians, 23 EPF agents, and 29 injured. He was taken to court and found guilty, charged with first degree murder, terrorism, and announced to be insane.

Redemption and ReturnEdit

In prison, Isaac began to feel regret for his actions. He realized this after extensive mental treatment, and was eventually deemed fit to roam the streets among the civilian population again. However, he chose to align with space pirates, the commander of whom is an old ally of Isaac. He temporarily joined their crew as a Lieutenant on a secret mission to prevent usage of a weapon known as the "Sun Gun."


Vanquishing the DarkEdit

"My time is over. No one will remember me. I did many bad things. I lost my daughter."
—Isaac Morov to Jason Kade

On December 7, 2017, Isaac could not take it anymore. He decided to end his worse half by having it manifest for a final fight. Isaac reached out to Jason Kade for help, which he provided, in the final fight.

Deep underground, the three fought for a half hour, up until Isaac found the only way to kill the dark side was to kill himself. Hence, Isaac constructed an ice dagger and ended his own life, causing the mine to explode from the resonance.


When Kade escaped the explosion, he saw it was snowing outside. He captured one of the snowflakes between two pieces of acrylic and preserved it. Later that night, Kade had a dream of Isaac returning from the dead.

Still Fighting OnEdit

Experimented OnEdit

Isaac was resurrected by the Cyborg Clan to properly finish him off. This was their biggest mistake, as Isaac was revived more powerful than ever.

Cold RevengeEdit

After Isaac's escape, he hunted down and killed every member of the Cyborg Clan.



Duel with AlmanacEdit

On January 14, 2018, Isaac brawled with Kade over the ideas of hope and morality. Isaac emerged victorious and left Kade with life-threatening stab wounds.

Back to his RootsEdit

Isaac returned to his roots as a half-wraith man. He gradually cut his ties and hunted them down, and later became a weapons maker and dealer. While believed to have gone over the edge, he demonstrated to have remnants of his former self still within the back of his mind; despite his violent proclivities, Isaac saved Jason from a burning building not long after his regression into Ositis.



Losing Memories and his BrotherEdit

In February 2018, Isaac gradually became more like his old self after losing his memories, and even regained emotion after losing his brother, Jacob. An organization known as the TCA retrieved his body and provided him with a new alter ego, "Simon Wolfblooden."

Wolfblooden formed a new team, the Scythes, and recruited his childhood friend Jack.

Blooded HeroEdit

Reapers of WarEdit

Blood of MorovEdit

Echoes of the FutureEdit

Settling DownEdit

In an alternate near future, Isaac meets and falls in love with a fellow ghoul known as Kaya. After discovering much common ground, the two got together and had a family. After their marriage, they had two children: Simon and Jane Morov, and Simon bears Isaac's first grandson, Yomo Morov.

Final DeathEdit

Isaac was killed while trying to avenge Kaya, who was killed at the hands of the V-Coalition, an organization with a fascist anti-hybrid agenda.


"Our lands must stay holy."
—Isaac Morov, December 7, 2017

Isaac is a very conflicted individual. Before his dark transition, Isaac was a dedicated fighter and leader. As a former highly-trained soldier, he had a sense of honor, which is part of what initially made him a hero. He was a good and loyal friend to Lance White, Jason Kade and the rest of the Arcadian Rebels, and would always do his best to protect them when under fire on the battlefield. However, he had somewhat of a rivalry with Lieutenant General John Roy; Kade theorized it was due to their similarities in skill, position and appearance.

Isaac's style as a soldier was very aggressive yet focused on his goals, shown by how his speech is often laden with obscenities. He was merciless in his killing, not leaving one enemy alive, namely General Jon. He'd sometimes kill the common criminal.

"I can get brutal sometimes."
—Isaac Morov

However, in late 2017, Isaac took a turn for the worst. Having been betrayed and abandoned by multiple partners, his mental state immensely darkened. He saw himself as an betrayed and abandoned outcast and developed an almost-psychopathic behavior, as well as a passion for murder and vengeance. He would kill an individual without motivation. By the beginning of 2018, he became conceited and sadistic, and tended to get annoyed easily, and could rarely hold his composure. He chose to define himself by his hurt and pain. He's admitted to sometimes view cruel deaths with "loveable thoughts," and even occasionally romanticizes warfare. His mouth formed a cold smile after brutally dispatching drug dealers who were getting girls addicted to their product.

Having been to the grave and back, Isaac is doubtlessly scarred. Of his own admission, he is annoyed when Kade is the hero and borderline envious due to formerly being in his shoes. He feels uninhibited and unrestricted, now that he has discarded a moral code, and holds Kade's own against him. He is full of hate, and Isaac also has quite the ego, alongside a dark grudge against heroes, as he identifies as an "anti-hero." He seeks vengeance from the pain of others who hurt him, so he clearly has a difficult time forgiving them.

One revelation of his true colors was his unstable, megalomaniacal egocentrism and him believing in Friedrich Nietzsche's ideas of "der Übermensch," over-man, a concept where a race of superhuman beings are destined to rule the normal ones and viewed himself as such due to his powers. One of his many aliases is even "Beyond Human."

While claiming that his powers dictate his mood and attitude, Isaac is not completely devoid of emotions. He understands the importance of friends and family, as he showed great depression and grief in the loss of his brother, Jacob when he was killed from being stabbed by a ghoul. Isaac is also an outspoken lesser-form of egalitarian, with highly-developed desire for his two species (humans and ghouls) to live equally and with equal opportunities. Upon his return to sanity, he began to re-mend alliances with those such as Kaiden Uchiha. He even highly values the opinions of those closest to him, mainly Jason.

"Even if we fail, my regret will haunt me in the afterlife."
—Isaac Morov

Isaac shows a different side with his romantic ones. After his battle against the enforcer of Templar, when he lost his friend Edward and the Shadow Enforcer broke, Isaac began to briefly experience life as a regretful, silent, emotionlessness warrior, a major shift from his usual happy, cheerful and brave self, he retained happiness and love and even comforted Stacia about Edward's death.

Isaac retains his soldier mindset throughout tragedy, and he is surprisingly forgiving. Although he and Nightwalker were mortal enemies at one point, he forgave him because he truly believed he was redeemed. He even hugged him. He comforted his friend Black Dog after her lover and his friend, Jack, perished at the hands of the Nameless Reaper by a giant ray. After finding out she was pregnant, Isaac mourned over Jack.

Isaac, as a powerful, megalomaniacal being and follower of Nietzsche, is partial to names indicative of authority-- "Ice Lord," "The Mad Ruler," "God of Madness," "The Nameless King," "Black-Winged King," "The Wolf King," "Unholy King," "The Blue Rose King," "The Floor 1,000 Leader," "The Overseer," "The Crowned Head," or "Das Oberkommando." He even refers to Tharens as Demi-Gods. At his age, he achieves real respect, for he has battled many times and clearly triumphed. As such, he harbors a great distaste for failure, such as when he could not kill Vlad, the Templar king, and feeling the sting caused him to kill his enemies and try to be like him, showing a proneness to his victors by imitating them, as well. Isaac's craving for power is also demonstrated through his spirit animal, the wolf. He's held the titles of "Wolf King" and "Fenrir," and has taken up the aliases "Isaac Wolfenherr," "Simon Wolfblooden," and "Wolfgang von Cobar." One of his favorite songs is even "The Wolf" by SIAMÉS. Isaac also admits to being nationalistic of Realm 4, and this is evident when he occasionally breaks out in a haze of patriotic fervor. Furthermore, he boasts that he is the best fighter he knows.

Isaac is known to have difficult romantic relationships with others. This could be due to him being a male and having an evolutionary drive to perpetuate his DNA; restricting himself to a single partner is against his nature. He admitted in his later years to being a reformed player.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Isaac resembles that of a human. He is Caucasian with blue-frosted light brown hair. During his psychotic breaks, this shortened and turned black.

His body temperature is ineffably connected to his emotions, i.e. his hands get colder when he is visibly angered, or his eyes turn dark blue when he is enraged.

As Simon Wolfblooden, Isaac wears glasses.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

"I am more powerful than you think."
—Isaac Morov


  • Ice Manipulation: As a cryomancer, Isaac possesses the power to manipulate and generate both cold temperatures and ice from his body. He uses this ability to freeze various things as well as project ice from his hands. The ice he generates can be brittle like glass or hard like stone. He can also shoot freezing cold, coolant-like gas or aura from his body that can cause ice to form on whatever it comes into contact with it. With his power over cold, he can reduce temperature to freezing points.
    • Ice Constructs: Being able to create ice from airborne water vapor or any nearby water source, he can use ice to form weapons. He prefers to manifest swords, daggers and tomahawks as his staple weapons.
    • Water Manipulation: As of December 22, 2017, Isaac became able to create water on his own and manipulate water to create offensive constructs, namely the water dragon he used against the Cyborg Clan. He does this by strengthening the bonds between hydrogen molecules to so that the surface tension of his water constructs are solidified. Additionally, Isaac can manipulate vapor and generate tidal waves and fog.
"I am god. I am Ice Lord."
—Isaac Morov, November 20, 2016
  • Artificially Enhanced Tharen Physiology: Isaac is a Tharen, a half-human and half-wraith/ghoul, part-demon, making him an extremely powerful being, causing Isaac to refer to his species as and self-identify as a Demi-God. As such, he possesses physical abilities common among Tharens, except to a higher degree due to his bloodline and training, meaning his immense superhuman abilities and powers far surpass almost all other Tharens; he is tough, resilient, endurant and fast, and he can recuperate at a much faster and efficient rate than humans. Even after having his Ghoul status temporarily removed, Isaac retained his heightened physical attributes due to his Secret Royal Project and STP experimental augmentations, not dissimilar to Project Goonie's biomolecular enhancements. He maintains his Tharen physique with intense training, which includes pulling heavy rocks out of strong rivers and performing Russian no-arm-pushups. He is known among the members of Scythe as "Beyond Human" due to possessing strength and speed beyond anything a normal person should be capable of. Hence, his superhuman constitution allows him to survive in hostile conditions. On those rare occasions when he does get hurt, his healing factor patches him up really quickly. When Isaac enters "Sterben Mode," Isaac's Tharen traits are elevated even more, much like when he goes "Full Hellish Mode" (which is facilitated due to his partial demon heritage) or Tharen Fury combat mode. The highly intelligent Dr. Wolfgang, before his death, has hypothesized that Isaac is powerful enough to destroy the world, leading him to extensively prepare to initiate his demise. His demon heritage has grown stronger following his numerous battles with Nameless Reaper, reportedly increasing from 0.04% to 30% demon heritage.
    • Superhuman Strength: Isaac has a greater amount of strength than that of a human being, declaring his ranking of power to be incredibly high. Notable feats of his strength include punching through and bringing down an entire wall, smashing a wooden desk with a swift hit, destroying a metal table with a headbutt, and leaving an imprint of his fist on solid metal. His strength is elevated when he transforms, and also possessed inhuman strength in his dark magically-conjured tentacles before he lost them. His son Simon Morov inherited his strength and demonstrated it briefly after he was born, completely biting off one of Isaac's fingers, meaning Isaac has a strong bite force. In his early days, Isaac was strong enough to lift and throw Yuki, a fully grown man, as well as stomp on him so hard that he would fall through a floor, and later threw him at a blimp from far away. He effortlessly snapped General Jon's neck, as well. His cybernetic arm also possesses incredible strength. His strength rivaled that of the mighty martial artist Matillo, though one of their duels did not last long. He mostly applies his strength when using his fists or swords, such as when he sliced the TH-078 monster in half with one fatal swipe, as well as using it in his gigantic claws to destroy buildings. Isaac's greatest feat of strength to date is when he defeated the mythical Six-Eyed Beast of Realm 4 by throwing him to one of two of Realm 4's moons, completely destroying it (the average moon weighing 81 quintillion tons, and to even burst a hole through a moon requires approximately 480,000,000,000 megatons of TNT, and cutting the moon in half would require a force of over 27,000,000,000,000 megatons). His strength is sufficient enough to wield weapons bigger than himself, such as the Hell Cross and his gigantic scythes.
    • Superhuman Durability: Isaac has denser skin, bones and muscles than a regular human, and is thus incredibly resilient, able to withstand various forms of attacks that would either immobilize or kill regular humans, without suffering serious wounds. A knife once broke on his skin upon attempted stabbing, even later saying knives do not work on him. He once jokingly said to have "balls of steel" when he transforms. He was able to survive unscathed from a jet crash, and withstood jumping from a building standing at 20 meters (65 feet) and landing from the great height without injury. He can also withstand deep ocean depths and the pressure of the ocean, as well as casually stand in rivers with strong currents and pull out heavy rocks. He is not without limits, however; the Blue Sun explosion held enough force to end Isaac before his latest resurrection, and later, a bullet once slowed him down after an intense fight with Almanac. He's stated that the only known material that can damage him is Blue Steel, a material from the northern regions of Realm 4. Blue Steel weapons could harm him, such as when his left arm was shot off by a shotgun with Blue Steel pellets, when the Chairman stabbed him with a knife composed of Blue Steel, when he was injected with the DXA.765 Virus with a Blue Steel needle, or when the One-Eyed King fired five Blue Steel bullets into his left lung. He's also shown weakness to impact force implemented by others with superhuman strength, such as when Nightwalker knocked him out with a kick to his head, when the Chairman stabbed him with a knife, when Dr. Wolfgang (a ghoul) did the same or when he was killed by Vlad by being stabbed with a sword. A close-range grenade explosion has also been shown to wound Isaac, effectively putting him into a coma for two years, although with no visible injury.
    • Superhuman Speed: Isaac can move and run much faster than a normal human can. He's able to quickly run across battlefields, and has the reflexes quick enough to dodge rapid gunfire in mid-combat, such as when he rescued Wilson from being held captive by Yuki. When he was held captive by Dr. Wolfgang, Isaac broke out of containment, and despite two of his guards aiming MG-70 at him he was fast enough to beat them both to death.
    • Superhuman Agility: Isaac has a superhuman level of agility and bodily coordination, and is able to use swift and agile movements in combat. He successfully maneuvered his body when jumping from a 20-meter tall building in order to land. He can maintain balance of a moving motorcycle, and once leapt off one and immediately engage in a knife-fight, as well as easily jump from a moving car to a moving truck. In conjunction with his SSS+ strength, he once maintained balance on a moving train mid-combat, even after getting shot and managed to kill his shooter by beating him to death with a shovel.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Isaac is able to exert himself for prolonged periods of time due to Tharens' muscles producing less fatigue toxins than humans. His strength and skills enable him to continue to fight in seemingly disastrous situations. The only time he has passed out was after a duel with Almanac, but at the time he suffered a bullet wound to the back. His stamina comes in handy for resisting interrogation and torture, as he was once beaten and starved for 40 days, solely relying on hydration, and another time for two whole years (occasionally rejecting food, this however gave him a deathly appearance). His mind is also capable of inhuman conviction and fortitude, once surviving through being critically stabbed by a big spear that would have killed him due to the unknown foreign composition, if not for his desire to be with his family. Another time, he immediately got up from his hospital bed after being in a coma for two years, surviving a close-range grenade explosion and a stab wound in his human state. Perhaps most impressive is him surviving a lethal injection of the DXA.765 Virus (albeit with assistance from Medical Korp life support), surviving being frozen in ice for two years or remaining conscious after another injection of DXA.765 and overcoming its overwhelming nature enough to beat information related to the cure out of Dr. Wolfgang, after fighting off his henchmen. Finally, after being stabbed by the Sword of the Three Eyes, Isaac was able to fight off its effects long enough for him to stab and kill the Eyeless King. He's stated himself that "even if [his] body gave up on fighting, [he] would still fight on."
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Isaac is shown to be able to respond to changing tactical situations and react accordingly. He was able to dodge a bullet fired at him from point-blank range by an enemy spy, then followed up by quickly counter-attacking him. In his early days, he dodged bullets fired from submachine guns at him. On another occasion, he flash-froze a tidal wave in quick reaction time and saved his friend, Jason.
    • Superhuman Senses: Isaac has seven hidden eyes that he can open at will, granting him vision with capabilities beyond that of a two-eyed individual. He also has better taste, having several hidden mouths.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Isaac does not take on damage the same way as humans do. While accessing his powers, Isaac's metabolic rate is augmented to offset cold tissue destruction, thereby allowing him endure more grievous injuries and likewise heal much faster than a normal human, especially from superficial wounds almost instantly. His genetic structure can reconstitute itself. He's healed from a slit wrist, a jet crash, and intense torture involving shocks and perforations of both his bones and skin, as well as direct point-blank shots. Isaac has referred to others as "mortals," hinting that he has a form of ageless and physical immortality. He later finally admits the magnitude of his healing, claiming to be able to heal from any wound in 3 seconds (the average mile time for a speedster). However, even Isaac has his limits, as he could not heal his left arm after it was taken off from a shotgun with Blue Steel ammunition, although he did survive getting shot with five Blue Steel bullets to his left lung. His eyes also take longer to heal, as he is often seen with an eyepatch.
"Who are the most potent gods after all, huh? Odin. Jupiter. Zeus. A colossus is rarely a young man. He is father. With many children."
—Isaac Morov
    • Longevity: As a human-wraith/ghoul hybrid, Isaac lives much longer than the average human, partly in thanks to his superhuman physical attributes and his unbelievable healing factor. When he was mistakenly imprisoned in a pan-temporal prison for insanity, Isaac lived for over 200 years due to Tharens having a tremendously long lifespan.
    • Cold Immunity: An added benefit to his cryomancy powers, Isaac also exhibits a high resistance to frigid temperatures. He is shown to be able to wield his ice weapons with no discomfort whatsoever, and he survived being frozen in ice for two years. This is due to Tharens inhabiting Realm 4, a cold planet.
"Being a ghoul isn't that bad, my friend."
—Isaac Morov to Jason Kade
    • Dark Tentacle Protrusion: Like his father before him, Isaac's unique ghoul attribute is the ability to generate and extend organic, gigantic black magical tentacles from his back, using them as additional superpowered limbs. They are prehensile, meaning he can control them as fluently as he does his arms or legs. The tentacles are strong enough to crush a common table, and the tips are sharp enough to stab and kill his enemies. Isaac's able to fight off multiple opponents at once , as well. In unison, they are shown to be capable of destroying an entire wall. He's stated that they have killed more than 400 people. In times of rage, the tentacles appear as being engulfed in hot flames, but it does not affect him. The tentacles are very soft, so they are vulnerable and easy to break, but his powerful regenerative abilities enable him to regrow them. He's earned a reputation as "the Impaler" for using his tentacles to stab his enemies.
    • Dark Centipede Protrusion: Isaac can also generate and extend organic ghoul centipede-like arms from his back with sharp endings. These are edible to him, which can satisfy his bloodlust if he chooses so.
    • Dark Wing Protrusion: Like his father before him, as the "Black-Winged King," Isaac can protrude a pair of dark ghoul wings from his body that allow him to take flight.
      • Flight: He can fly to vantage points to get a better view of a battlefield and escape opponents of paralleled strength, such as Matillo.
    • Fang Protrusion: Isaac's sharp teeth facilitate the consumption of human meat. His canine teeth are approximately the same length as those of a vampire's.
    • Claw Protrusion: Isaac's unique Tharen attribute is the ability to generate sharp, big claws that protrude from his shoulder all the way down to his hands. He can use these offensively to slash his enemies and destroy buildings, or in a nutritional way by drawing blood.
    • Transformation: When Isaac is out of control with his powers, he can transform into an "Omega Yeti." While in this state, he is able to salivate instantaneous-freezing projectile spit, and his physical capabilities are increased. He is also able to transform and grow limbs, such as when he turned his hands to twin scythes or when he grew six legs for assisted mobility. As of 2018, he can now morph into the "Ghoul Dragon," and "Gleam Form," a monster of gigantic stature. By November, he can now transform into a crow.

Dark PowersEdit

"New powers, new attitude."
—Isaac Morov
  • Dark Magic: Isaac practices black magic, and uses these abilities when his darkness takes over his psyche. He practiced the dark arts enough to the point where he doesn't require a negative mental state in order to use them. Before, he could only control others' blood and fire, but now he can teleport, turn his limbs into blades, and control darkness itself.
    • Blood Manipulation: For a very short time, Isaac is able to manipulate another person's blood to control their movements. This power is basically telekinesis but specifically towards blooded organisms. When Isaac regained control of his mind, he manifested the ability to manipulate water, meaning he could have the potential to manipulate all liquids, blood and water just being two of them. In the reboot, this is one of his more hellish powers, and he can also construct weapons from blood, such as spears.
    • Fire Manipulation: Isaac can set objects ablaze at will and melt highly durable materials with a glance. He can also consciously raise the temperature of parts of his body. He later uses the technique "Dark Fall," which he describes as "the deep flames of death and rage" given to him in birth, and claims to "use it for the good of people," but can also use it for evil purposes. Later, as an evolved form, Isaac learned to manipulate blue fire. In his "Glame Form," Isaac can permeate fire around him to melt enemy bullets from guns as fast as MG-70.
    • Teleportation: Isaac can disappear from one location out of sight and reappear in another location, also out of sight. This way he can ambush opponents from unexpected directions. Additionally, Isaac can open portals (or "breaches") to other realms, and can use this power offensively by making enemies fall into voids leading to a location in a certain realm with dangerous and hostile conditions. His friend and rival Yuri Novich takes great annoyance to when Isaac makes use of this power.
    • Blade Physiology: Isaac can transform his hands and feet into a blue steel blade. With this, he can chop his arm in an axe-like manner. The blade itself can be damaged and even broken, but his healing allows him to re-form more, but only after he heals his hand first. He's become known among the New Order of Scythe as "the Impaler" because of this ability.
    • Darkness Manipulation: One of Isaac's new powers is controlling shadows. On one occasion, while battling knights, he made their shadows tangible and sharp, and used this impale them. He can also create darkness constructs, mainly swords. When he was empowered by Vlad, the Templar King, Isaac gained complete control over his darkness, meaning this power extends to a personal and natural level of darkness. He can also conjure sharp, black strings akin to piano wire and use them to cut his foes, as well as dark swords attached to chains from his body known as "Swords of the Reaper."
    • Cutting Wave: Isaac can unleash a "slice wave" to cut through opponents.
    • Weapon Summoning: Dark magic burned a mark in Isaac's hand that allows him to summon the Shadow Enforcer. The same mark allows him to summon his gigantic scythe after he made a "deal with the devil."
    • Telekinesis: Isaac can move objects and weapons with his mind, notably floating swords to send at his enemies.
  • Death Empowerment: Isaac received power enhancement from Death in November 2017.
—Isaac Morov
  • Hell Embodiment: After making a "deal with the devil" (like his ancestor Klinge von Morov), Isaac has acquired an array of hell-based powers, along with elevating his physical attributes, much like Sterben Mode and Tharen Fury. His demon heritage facilitates the usage of this arrangement, especially since his heritage has grown stronger after numerous battleswith Nameless Reaper.
    • Hellhound Physiology: Isaac can protrude large hellhound heads from his body to consume the remains of his enemies.
    • Spike Projection: Isaac is able to make sharp spikes protrude from roses. This is a form of surprise attack, evidenced when he made a rose stab two soldiers.
    • Explosion Inducement: If Isaac can concentrate on a single location, anywhere, anybody or anything, he can cause it to explode. He uses this in the background of soldiers to surprise attack them. This may be a Dōjutsu.


"I've been trained to kill, think, and not feel."
—Isaac Morov

As a soldier, Isaac is equipped with military-grade neurachem and combat muscle memory. He's healthy, apart from his superhuman physical attributes. He can be described as a killing machine, who can look over the edge without flinching, capable of almost anything. He comes from a time of bravery and risk. He has honed and developed the use of deadly force, empowering him. Isaac never, ever gives up, and he would risk his life for his loved ones.

"No one is better than me, fighting demons, zombies, soldiers, whole armies, monsters..."
—Isaac Morov
  • Master Combatant: No amateur battler, Isaac is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant whose vigorous self-defense curriculum made him capable of murdering dozens of enemies in close combat either using melee weapons, firearms or his bare hands. He is the greatest and most powerful warrior from Realm 4 since his grandfather, Eugen von Morov, which allowed him to earn the title Angel of Death, and is one of the most skilled fighters in the Multiverse as he has been trained in the arts of war and Tharen fighting techniques, including Bare-Knuckle Boxing, Professional Wrestling, Judo, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Zui Quan-style Kung Fu, Swordsmanship, Scythemanship, spearmanship, knife-fighting, combat shooting, hybrid weapon proficiency and possibly other styles. He's spent most of his life among humans, wraiths and ghouls defending Realm 4 from its enemies, becoming a heavily seasoned warrior. Thus, he was able to hold his own for an extended period while sparring with the Marine John Roy, and later on the vigilante, Almanac. He is a more capable combatant with weapons, namely swords, daggers, tomahawks, and scythes. He defeated General Jon and killed him relatively quickly and easily by gouging his eyes out with his thumbs and then snapping his neck. Even when he is stripped of his superhuman powers, Isaac has proven to be able to hold his own against the supernatural, notably defeating one of Nightwalker's spies with a sword and killing Yen the Supreme Warlord, also with his first sword, Midnight. He's even gone toe-to-toe with Vlad, the Templar King, a being so powerful he's been known to destroy planets. He's also fought Matillo and survived, though this was mostly due to his SSS+ ghoul strength. Isaac's also defeated the monstrous Six-Eyed Beast and beat Dr. Wolfgang's minions to death, despite being infected with DXA.765. When he was resurrected by Sienna via blood magic, he finally defeated and killed the One-Eyed King in combat with his scythe. He later fought off the Nameless Reaper's soldiers.
    • Sword Mastery: Isaac has taken all of the training courses offered by the finest swordsmen in Realm 4. Like his friend Lance White, Isaac is most frequently seen in battle wielding a type of sword. He is extremely proficient in swordsmanship, much more than any other weapon he can use, and is also able to dual-wield swords. He's been known to wield Midnight, his katana, a Lord Sword, the Northern Night Sword, the Blue Sword, the Shadow Enforcer, Black Rose, the Black Sword, and Estoc. He is known among his peers as "the Impaler" due to his skill in swordsmanship.
    • Scythe Mastery: Isaac has extensive experience with wielding a scythe as a weapon, such as when he embraced his partial wraith identity, as the Elite Hollow Soul, and used his SSS+ strength to wield gigantic scythes after he made a "deal with the devil." He used his big scythes with explosive efficiency against trained soldiers, warriors, agents, and god-like creatures and monsters, such as giant eagles. He managed to kill the One-Eyed King with his scythe, and even sliced his head in half.
  • Expert Marksman: Isaac learned to handle firearms in his military training, and became skilled enough to the point he could pick up any gun and use it greatly. Isaac was able to dual-wield two KFG X1 assault rifles with ease. He is partial to the use of his vintage handguns (his Luger, Mauser and Webley) and he was accurate enough to shoot a monster in the eye on one occasion. He can also tear enemies apart with his favorite shotguns. He has excellent hand-eye coordination, able to throw knives with accuracy. He can guide his tentacles to hit his targets with enough force to stab and kill them, but this requires his tentacle-eye coordination and aim.
"I love war."
—Isaac Morov
  • Gifted Intelligence: Isaac is an intelligent, war-seasoned and skilled leader. He is quite well-read, though his intelligence mainly extends to his mind's rate of integration of warfare, with the exception of sufficient mechanical engineering knowledge to forge "Tharen Revenge," a sword-pistol hybrid weapon.
    • Expert Tactician: Despite his arrogant behavior, Isaac is an excellent battle strategist, earning multiple victories in the name of the Templar Cross, being all the more effective due to his ruthlessness. Having been trained in military tactics from a young age, Isaac is also a skilled leader, having been able to found and lead his Death Troopers, inspiring fierce loyalty in them while at it, as well as his Arctic Soldiers. He is also skilled in timing the schedules and tendencies of his targets in order to determine the best way to kill them. He was able to properly identify disguised spies based on their accessories.
    • Skilled Physician: Possibly learned from the military, Isaac is able to stitch wounded individuals up and replace organs.
    • Skilled Interrogator: Isaac is well-versed in interrogation methods, able to use torture, intimidation and mental techniques to extract information. He once submerged one of his target's heads in a sink filling with tap water to extract information on a rebel base, a Tsar bomb, and for fun. His target was heavily restrained and unable to lift his head from the water, and he drowned in the overflowing sink.
"Das Neue Zeitalter ist angekommen. Gott wird uns nicht helfen. Gott weiß, was als nächstes kommt, sogar durch die dunklen karmesinroten Flammen. Dies wird ein Holocaust der Seelen warden."
—Isaac Morov
    • Multilingualism: Isaac, as a Tharen and having lived a very long lifespan, has the ability to fluently speak, read, and understand a multitude of languages aside from his Realm 4 dialect, including English, Russian, German, Romanian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Estonian, Hungarian, and Xyrian. He is also familiar with the Nordic alphabet, as Tharens have Nordic culture.
  • High Pain Tolerance: Due to his long career as a soldier, Isaac has suffered many injuries. However, he's grown used to pain and suffering, and even without his rapid healing factor he can fight while sustaining injury. He felt no pain during his land from jumping off of a 20-meter tall building.
  • Stealth: Isaac is trained in stealth tactics to hide himself, and he can hide in plain sight. He successfully hid from Yuki during his rescue of Wilson, and dropped down and surprised him, and he can sneak up on the likes of Yuri Novich. In preparation for covert infiltration and assassination, Isaac's been known to use convincing aliases such as "Mason," "Isaac Wolfenherr," "Nikolaus Templar IV," "Dimitri," "Simon Wolfblooden," "Simon Omatik," and "Wolfgang von Cobar."


"By everyday that passes, I feel like my humanity is fading away. Just like this for 15 days, 15 days of killing people, making people suffer, being the person I tried to kill."
—Isaac Morov
  • Self-Control/Bloodlust: The pain from being betrayed and abandon over his long lifespan resulted in Isaac occasionally losing composure and leading to psychotic breaks. After his most recent revival, Isaac developed a bloodlust and cannibalistic behavior; though he only eats the dead bodies of enemy soldiers he has killed, because it is the only substance with flavor he can taste. He claims that people taste like steak, or rotten fish.
  • Blue Sun Radiation: When Isaac died in December 2017, it was caused by the explosion of a blue sun radiation bomb. When Isaac's cells are bombarded with blue sun radiation, he is severely weakened. The explosive force is what finished him off, however.
  • Blue Steel: A material from the northern regions of Realm 4 used to create war artillery. Isaac has stated this can damage him, such as blue steel ammunition; a blue steel shotgun completely took off his left arm and rendered him unable to heal it.
  • DXA.765: A specially designed virus was made to kill Isaac. When he was attacked with a needle containing this virus, he was severely weakened to the point he was coughing up blood and fainting. The only known cure to this is a concoction prepared by Dr. Wolfgang known as "Tears of the Reaper."
  • Human Vulnerabilities: Isaac can have his wraith/ghoul heritage suppressed (and has happened) by magic and render him human, severely lowering his strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, senses and healing. He's been stabbed and down for the count by Nightwalker.
  • Sword of the Three Eyes: This sword, upon impalement, made Isaac turn to ash.


  • The Soul:
"This is my new power, fear me."
—Isaac Morov
  • Dark Fall:
  • Byakusharingan (Byakugan + Sharingan):
  • Sterben Mode: He can also enter "Sterben Mode" before he dies, and can be resurrected into a raging fury akin to warrior's madness, where his power is increased but he loses some self-control.
  • Tharen Fury: He can also enter an additional combat mode known as "Tharen Fury."



  • Helmet: Isaac's vintage World War II German helmet, which he stole from his Antarctic expedition to New Swabia. He modified this with a visor and an interchangeable gas mask.
  • Glasses: Isaac's modified glasses allow him night vision with a unique blue color.
  • Mask: Isaac has been previously equipped with many masks, the most recent being a strong, metallic mask that covers his left eye.
  • Combat Uniform: Isaac's military suit is modified to match his fighting style. There is a saya for his katana, and numerous holsters for his many firearms.
  • Beast Armor:
  • Armor of Fenrir:

Weaponry and GadgetsEdit

  • Ice Weapons: Isaac can create solid structures made of ice with ease. He favors his icy tomahawk, ice daggers, and armed his second-in-command Cydric with a cold katana. He is also able to construct modern-day weapons, such as cryokinetic explosives.
  • Swords: Isaac's most often-used weapon is a sword. He used his first sword, Midnight, to kill Yen, the Supreme Warlord, although it broke upon contact with the latter's leg, leaving him with no other option but to stab him in the head with the fragmented remains of the blade. The ice katana he gave to Lance White has 120 kills behind it. He used a Lord Sword during the Lord Galactic War. He also used the Northern Night Sword and the Blue Sword. He used his darkness manipulation powers to conjure the Shadow Enforcer, a sword made of pure shadows, and killed 40 enemies with it. A mark burned into his hand allowed him to summon it with dark magic. He also used Black Rose, the Black Sword, and Estoc when he was cursed with power by Vlad, the Templar King.
  • Throwing Knives: Isaac keeps a set of throwing knives handy.
  • Scythes: Isaac wielded a scythe when he embraced his wraith/ghoul identity and later wielded another as the Elite Hollow Soul. After making a "deal with the devil," he began operating with a much larger scythe and used it to cut through many opponents. He also used a modified scythe which can transform into a rifle with both assault and sniper modes.
  • Cybernetic Arm: Isaac began using a cybernetic prosthetic left arm when his real left arm was shot off by a shotgun with Blue Steel pellets.
  • Hell Cross: Isaac wielded the Hell Cross for a period of time.
  • Boomknives:
  • Blade of Silent Nights:
  • Nightstar:
  • Bloodwire:
  • Red Fang:
  • Light Arrow:
  • Burst Knife:
  • Spear of Mercy:
"What other guns have you used?"
Jason Kade and Isaac Morov

Isaac makes his own weapons, ranging from assault rifles to submachine guns and miniguns to grenades.

  • Custom Luger P08: Isaac stole this sleek, accurate and obsolete semi-automatic pistol from his brother and made the latter execute himself. It is fast-firing and has low recoil. During the Era of Insanity, Isaac was given a suppressed Luger to operate with.
  • Webley Mk IV Revolver: A Great War weapon, Isaac used this break-action revolver to kill 30 members of the Tekorelli Crime Family.
  • KFG X1 Assault Rifle: Isaac dual-wielded two of these rifles.
  • Mossberg 500 Cruiser: Isaac owns a pump-action shotgun.
  • MP40: A 9mm high power submachine gun developed in Nazi Germany with a 32-round detachable stick magazine, a close hundred meter effective range, and fires 500 rounds per minute. Isaac uses it in bursts to maintain accuracy at distances.
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun: In Jason Kade's dream from the night Isaac died, Isaac used this when he returned from the dead to blast the head off of a demon. When Sienna resurrected him, he began to use a double-barreled shotgun as a backup weapon to the "Rage of Ares."
  • Mauser C96: Isaac used this semi-automatic pistol to shoot at Violetta's attacker. He later dual-wielded a pair of these as the Fatal Phantom. While he recognizes this gun is obsolete, he prizes its lethality.
  • UTAS UTS-15: Isaac owns a fully automatic shotgun with an 7-round magazine and high rate of fire.
  • LaserKraftWerk: A powerful laser weapon that is strong enough to melt a wall with one blast.
  • Flame Gun: A minigun-like weapon that fires explosive fireballs and is charged by gas.
  • MG-20: A type of machine gun. Isaac dual-wielded this as the Fatal Phantom.
  • Heckler & Koch MP5: Isaac picked up this submachine gun from a dead soldier and used it against Yuki's henchmen.
  • Custom Tokarev TT-33: Isaac was given the standard officer pistol to kill two agents. He later dual-wielded twin TT-33s when breaking out of a prison cell.
  • Type 74 Blackstar Pistol:
  • FN SCAR-L: Isaac dual-wielded a pair of FN SCARs as the Fatal Phantom. When he was held captive by Dr. Wolfgang, he stole another FN SCAR from his minions, attached with an Mk 13 Mod 0 grenade launcher he used to escape.
  • StG 49: Isaac held this alongside the Shadow Enforcer as the Fatal Phantom.
  • KH-7:
  • STP Guns:
  • Thompson Center Arms "Rage of Ares" Contender: Isaac's personal sidearm after he was resurrected was this marksman pistol, which he reloads as much as he fires. He named it the "Rage of Ares" for its power.
  • PH-97 Pistol:
  • Makarov PM: Isaac dual-wielded this pistol with a nail. He carried it during a mission to dispatch Templar Cross arms dealers.
  • Steyr AUG: Isaac shot a gang member with this rifle.
  • Tundra Wrath: Isaac later dual-wields Tundra Wrath, an axe-Uzi hybrid weapon alongside Tharen Revenge. He found it in the Snow Plains of City-407 on Realm 4. This was destroyed after a fight with the Nameless Reaper and his soldiers, but he repaired it in time to battle Templar Samurai soldiers.
  • Tharen Revenge: Isaac later dual-wields Tharen Revenge, a sword-pistol hybrid weapon alongside Tundra Wrath. He built it himself. This was destroyed after a fight with the Nameless Reaper and his soldiers, but he later fixed it.
  • Dark Wing: Another hybrid weapon forged in an effort to replace the destroyed Tundra Wraith and Tharen Revenge. It is a sword which can transform into an assault rifle. He used it to defend himself when he was being chased by Templar Samurai soldiers.
  • Lahti L-39 Anti-Tank Rifle: Isaac entered a Hollywood-themed restaurant and fired at the booze shelves.
  • PPSh-41: The PPSh-41 is a Soviet submachine gun, used by one of Isaac's nationalist front guards.



  • Klinge von Morov - Great x7 Grandfather
  • Aran von Morov - Great x6 Grandfather
  • Daughter of Aran - Great x6 Grandmother
  • Eugen von Morov/Angel of Death † - Grandfather
  • Wolfgang von Morov - Paternal Great Uncle
  • Dieter Templar † - Father
  • Erika Templar - Mother
  • Locke Templar - Brother
  • Lucas Templar - Brother
  • Hans Templar - Brother
  • Erebus Templar † - Brother
  • Jacob Templar † - Brother
  • Ra - Brother
  • Anubis Morov † - Sister
  • Peter William Peterson - Brother-in-Law
  • Frank Peterson - Nephew
  • Ryan Peterson - Brother-in-Law, Childhood Friend
  • Gilbert - Cousin
  • Unborn Daughter †
  • Violetta Morov † - Daughter
  • Unborn Child
  • Lucia Templar - Sister-in-Law (wife of Erebus)
  • Odin Templar - Nephew (son of Erebus)
  • Luna Johann - Childhood Friend and Wife
  • Simon Morov - Future Son
  • Jane Morov - Alternate Reality Future Daughter
  • Dante Morov - Future Son
  • Luna Morov - Future Daughter
  • Eto/Neopolitan Morov - Alternate Reality Future Daughter-in-Law (wife of Simon)
  • Yomo Morov - Alternate Reality Future Grandson
  • Angile † - Granddaughter (Daughter of Violetta)
  • Victor von Morov - Great Grandson
  • Nikolaus Morov - Great, Great Grandson
  • Fakarov Morov - Great, Great, Great Grandson
  • Gideon Morov/Angel of Death - Great x4 Grandson



  • Templar Cross/Cyborg Clan - Allies turned Enemies and Victims
    • Commander Yen † - Victim
    • Dan † - Childhood Friend and Ally turned Enemy and Victim
  • Yuki † - Victim
  • Nelson † - Victim
  • Tekorelli Crime Family
  • Southside Raiders Gang
  • Ashley † - Ex-Wife
  • Neveah - Ex-Girlfriend
  • TCA - Allies turned Enemies
  • One-Eyed King
  • General Jon † - Victim
  • Rustal † - Victim
  • Yen † - Victim
  • Vlad the Templar King
  • TH-078 † - Victim
  • BoneKeepers
  • Chairman
  • Dr. Wolfgang † - Victim
  • Petrov Arms Dealing
    • Petrov † - Victim
  • Nameless Reaper
  • V Coalition - Future Killers



Isaac's favorite songs include:

Artist Song Title
MandoPony "Blackwatch"
Biting Elbows "Bad Motherfucker"
"For the Kill"
"Steppin' out"
Three Days Grace "Animal I Have Become"
Avenged Sevenfold "Shepherd of Fire"
MAN WITH A MISSION "Raise Your Flag"
"Out of Control"
Jeff Williams "Bad Luck Charm"
Toshiyuki Toyonaga "Day You Laugh"
Soul'd Out "Still Alive"
WattWhite "Eye of the Storm"