"El mal presa a los débiles porque teme a los fuertes."
—Alex Karn

Crimson Chi, known to the public as Alex Karn, is a mystical, powerful superhero. Expertly trained in martial arts, Alex became a superhero. During this time, he joined the reincarnation of the original Essentials, operating as a champion of good.


Early LifeEdit




Adventures with the EssentialsEdit



"I dedicate myself to the service of all beings of Lai Shi. I have a vision of total victory and nothing else. It's the reason I've gotten this far. Defeat has no place in my mind."
—Alex Karn

Alex is loyal, and rather than complain when situations go awry, he gears up to get the job done.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


"It's time. This is my purpose."
—Alex Karn
  • Ki Manipulation: Alex can use energy to make ki, a unique force used to protect Lai Shi. If Alex can focus his ki, he can focus his energy, creating a powerful, devastating weapon, and to heal his injuries. His ki can also be focused and brought into the fight to overcome any obstacle. When Alex harnesses his ki, it enhances his strength, and his focus. Alex can shoot various types of fireballs by saying different things.
    • Energy Detection: Alex can sense others' energies, like when thugs come behind him.
    • Superhuman Strength: Alex has powerful strength, enhanced from when he harnesses his chi.
    • Superhuman Speed: Alex travels in the speed of light. At minimum, he runs at 180 meters per second. His speed is connected to his pulse, and the radius is as far as he can go in one heartbeat. Alex runs so fast that it appears he is teleporting, which is another superpower he possesses.
      • Regenerative Healing Factor: Alex's metabolism increased to compensate for superhuman speed. By channeling his ki, Alex is also capable of healing wounds.
      • Superhuman Reflexes: Channeling his ki allows Alex to enhance his focus and perception. This allows him to react to danger in mid-combat at a superhuman rate, able to react to and easily dodge a bullets.
    • Teleportation: Alex can teleport by dematerializing and reappearing in a different place.


  • Glow Form
  • Superform


"The tiger form uses internal force, and not external strength. So it's not necessary to use charging momentum, which lowers the risk of moving in. It's internal force you want to master. All this power derives from the harnessing of inner force."
—Alex Karn
  • Master Martial Artist: Alex is a master of all of Lai Shi's martial arts, and also some from Earth, including Kung Fu, Wushu, and Tai Chi. Alex has mastered the highest form of kung fu. When fighting, Alex is ferocious, fast, and subtle.
"Nunca lleves un cuchillo a un tiroteo."
—Alex Karn
  • Bilingualism: Alex is capable of fluently speaking English and Spanish, his first language. Alex used this skill to provide translations for his teammates.
  • Meditation


  • Chikara Nami


  • Alex shares the same first name as Blue Ninja, created by the same one who created Crimson Chi.