"As you go through life, you'll find that the world is governed by many rules. But the most important rules are the ones that come from within-- the rules that you place on yourself."
—Jason Kade

Almanac, known to the public as Jason Oliver Kade, is a vigilante residing in Neo Arcadia, and formerly Emerald City, and is a founding member of the second roster of Essentials. Jason lives by a philosophy, a principle; he believes that if you could do good things for people, you would have a moral obligation to do those things. Not choice, responsibility.

A fire burned bright in Jason after going through family troubles. When his step-father police officer was killed, Jason became a vigilante. An accomplished athlete in the daytime, Jason protects the streets at night as a different champion of justice as the Almanac, stylized as the Red Thrasher. When all else fails, Almanac's the only weapon you'll ever need.

After his archenemy Terrorbyte completely took over Oxbridge, he left for Neo Arcadia. He teamed with his old ally Lance White to form the Arcadian Rebels, while at the same time having an identity crisis as the Blue Arrow. During this time, his actions and moral code put him into conflict with John Roy, a soldier who believed that death was the only punishment for crime.

Jason returned to his roots after the Hoodie returned over a year later, and saved the city, inspiring him to wear the crimson cowl once more as Almanac, as his own judge and jury, but he draws the line at playing executioner. He continues to upgrade his uniform and his equipment to handle what the streets throw at him next. As the scarlet knight once again, Jason reunited with his friend Sarah Maine and fell in love with the warrior-woman Leah Caverly, and recruited her to join the Rebels. He was soon appointed by White to lead the Rebels. Unfortunately, Caverly suffered injuries that required her to take isolated solace for healing. In spite of all the tragedy Almanac has faced in his career, just visiting the happy memories of his past gives him the strength to go on.

In May 2018, Jason lost himself after killing the Creon-possessed Ben Jacobson, and was quickly imprisoned alongside his childhood best friend Barry Parker. This lasted shortly, as Axel Trevor's siege on Neo Arcadia motivated Kade to break out of prison and continue to extradite justice, using his newfound ninjutsu skills learned from his master.


Early Life

Creative Childhood

"One time when I was a kid, I built a slingshot out of a couple of broken hockey sticks and an old inner tube. And, you know, no matter how hard I practiced, I just could never miss... my neighbor's window."
—Jason Kade

Jason Oliver Kade was born on Sunday, December 1st, 1996 to Clarissa Marx and Maxwell Kade. During youth, Jason's parents wanted him to be like nobody else; they wanted him to excel. Therefore, they vigorously trained him. They got him involved in all the after-school programs at the local elementary school, and taught him the whole spectrum of skills needed to live.

In his youth, Jason was afraid of the dark. His overactive imagination turned his childhood bedroom into a breeding ground for monsters and unspeakable horrors the moment the lights turned off. He would later make his peace with the darkness as an adult, after discovering it would be useful for stealth. Jason and his childhood friend Barry Parker would both face bullies at school.

Around the time of when Jason was ten years old, his newly pregnant mother kicked his father out of the house. Without Jason's knowledge, Clarissa only wanted peace for her son and soon-to-be second child, but Jason's father was always fighting for something. However, Clarissa soon saw the same fire burning bright in Jason, even going as far to state her sweet baby boy was gone, and he'd turned into his father. That should have stung, but it didn't; Jason was proud to hear it.

Jason, misreading her signals, got into big fights with his mother. Stressed in her presence, Jason spent most of his days at the local park. During this time period, both Clarissa and Jason struggled immensely. Without the aid of a husband, she gave away her newborn child, the latter Jason would not meet until he was an adult.

When Jason was eleven, Barry Parker mysteriously disappeared. This trauma had Jason develop a paranoid aspect in his personality from trying to figure out what had happened to his friend. He became interested in reading books, which surprised his mother, with his favorite genre being detective stories, adventure and science fiction.


When Jason was thirteen, his mother went out one day for a walk to clear her mind. When she arrived near the local bank, she became caught in a hostage negotiation situation after a gang of thieves attempted to rob the place. She was very scared, but ready to accept death. However, she was soon saved by a police officer named Lawrence Thatcher. Clarissa gradually fell in love with him, and he reciprocated. Clarissa set aside her son's contributions for her own happiness, and Jason felt betrayed; he didn't even go to her second wedding.

Lawrence really wanted to connect with his new step-son, but had a hard time trying. Jason was already skilled in many fields, so Lawrence had to find something new to Jason: sports. When Jason was introduced to this new activity, he was immediately amused and excited. When Jason was playing sports, he almost "zoned out", and could only think about his current activity.

It was later explained to Jason the importance of having rules in a game, but even more importantly, having rules for yourself to follow, a path to walk, and he wanted to walk it well.

High School

During his time at Emerald City High School, he volunteered at Carmine Incorporated for credits, where he befriended the scientist Sarah Maine. He played baseball in the Little League, batting with over a .400 average. In high school, Jason took three years of Spanish, which he would later continue to learn and use on missions. His favorite classes were chemistry and literature.

Due to his bullying, Lawrence signed his son up for self-defense classes, particularly Shorin-ryu karate. After some basic training, Jason took it upon himself to train in boxing, developing proficiency and prowess at Eastman Gym. He was trained in advanced boxing techniques, and also built his strength, resistance and speed.

Jason also took a secondary interest in archery, and found he had a natural talent for it. With his training came study; from studying old pictures of archers, Jason discovered that some historical archers held their arrows one the right side of the bow. This meant that the arrow could be drawn and fired in one single motion, which was both faster and better.

Jason realized that what people thought was historical archery only worked well for a modern target archer in Hollywood films. If he wanted to learn to shoot like the master archers of old, he had to unlearn what he had learned, and started reading historical manuscripts instead. He found his way back to a time when archery was simpler and more natural, exactly like throwing a ball; in essence, making archery as simple as possible. It was harder to learn how to shoot this way, but it gave more options.

Jason also dabbled in the arts, as well as philosophy. He was attracted to libertarianism for its philosophical stability, humble understanding of what existence is, people should own their own lives (morally speaking), and it also centers on property rights and the non-aggression principle. Jason could draw conclusions from just this.

He also considered joining the Boy Scouts, but ultimately decided not to as he was already occupied, but he took inspiration from their motto of being prepared.


In March of 2015, Jason had enough credits to graduate high school. As a reward, Lawrence took him on a reconnaissance mission of a local gang. Lawrence drove with Jason into an alleyway, where he came across a gang mugging. Lawrence attempted to apprehend the gangsters, but they got the upper hand on him under leadership of a man in latex skull mask. The man pulled up in a darkened taxi, and paid the gangsters for apprehending the officer. Lawrence somehow recognized the masked man, and knew he wanted vengeance.

The man instructed the gangsters to hold both men at gunpoint, while he retrieved his briefcase. Along with terrifying weapons was a syringe. The mysterious taxi driver, injected Jason with it, believing it would grant him a slow and painful death, while he executed Lawrence and shoved him into the harbor.

The next morning, Jason awoke in an underground prison cell, and found he was injected with a tranquilizer. With his self-defense skills, he took down mercenaries and escaped. Barely alive, he returned to his house to find his mother had moved out after she learned of her husband's death.

Vigilantism: Call of Honor


Almanac looking down on Emerald City from a fire escape.

"In certain extreme situations, the law is inadequate. In order to shame its inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside the law. To pursue natural justice. This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid move, it's an emotional response. No, not vengeance. Retribution."
—Jason Kade

Jason felt like he was the only one who noticed the world wasn't working, and broke a long time ago. That made him angry, and he was afraid that that anger was going to burn him up inside if he had to live in the world one second longer knowing that he could do something to fix it. He looked at the history of the Essentials and decided to follow in their footsteps.

Jason had a high desire for justice and doing the right thing. Unable to allow injustice, he got frustrated when the police or judicial system failed to help. He decided to work as a vigilante to save people and help where the justice system could not. During this, he demonstrated extreme selflessness as he kept risking his life for others, even after he barely made it out of dangerous situations and ended up badly wounded multiple times.

He borrowed his step-father's ECPD mobile communications rig, and it received encrypted tactical frequencies, from his dashboard. Getting tactical bands and surveillance feeds was Jason's first step. He gathered his sports equipment from his high school years and used them to beat up the criminals of Emerald City. His mother left behind her sewing kit, and used this and a bulletproof vest to construct his own vigilante suit, which to this day is still improved.

Jason vowed to include sportsmanship in his code of honor and be a fair player; he elected to not kill his enemies as he believed they could be redeemed, somehow, some way.

First Actions

Jason, in his first days as a vigilante, ran into typical law-breakers; muggers, robbers and the like, but the most notable was a gang of crooks who broke into a sporting goods store. Jason brutally beat them up before they could steal any equipment. Another criminal he took down was the Dubliner, a member of the notorious Ballybrack Crew, who tried to steal police files regarding the investigation of his brethren.

Soon enough, his supervisor Sarah Maine noticed his injuries. Being the genius she was, she slowly deduced that Jason was the vigilante on the news, and agreed to stitch him up, effectively serving as his "cut woman."

Infiltrating Plex Tower

Around April 9, Jason had heard of Vincent Vizioso, head of the Emerald City Italian mafia, and decided to foil his plans. He gathered his equipment, and headed toward the Plex Tower, his latest contracting assignment, secretly a headquarters for his embezzlement activity. Jason made his way there on his motorcycle, and stealthily took down the armed guards. However, he was soon found by a much heavier-armed group, and they caught him by surprise, knocking him out. He was placed in the elevator and taken to nearly the top of the tower, where he was stripped of his weaponry.

Later, Jason woke up in a room, and was approached by three Italian thugs, one wielding his baseball bat, one his golf club, and one a pipe. A large fight ensued, with Jason using everything he learned up to that point.

Clubber charged towards Jason, but he kicked him back before he could, and kicked Pipe with his other leg before Clubber had fallen down. Batter ran up and swung down, but Jason blocked with his forearm, and countered with a mighty punch to the face and a side kick in the gut, knocking him down.

Clubber got up to run and swing at Jason, but he had ducked, to uppercut his jaw and pivotally kick him. After performing a suplex, Pipe attempted to strike him, but was paid with another spin kick and punch in the face, followed by Jason jumping, grabbing him by the hair and kneeing him in the face. Batter than took a swing, but Jason had leapt back in breakneck speed. He took another swing, surprised at Jason leaping over the bat. This angered him, and the anger fueled his next swing down, except Jason blocked with his forearm once again, and countering with a left hook to his underarm, releasing his block to punch him in the face, and a jumping spin kick to bring him down.

Pipe and Clubber had risen up, and as Clubber charged to take a swing at Jason, he blocked the stroke with both his forearms. With his right hand, he gripped the club and elbowed Clubber in his face and slamming his wrist into his jaw, prompting him to drop the club. Pipe came up from behind, expecting a solid hit as he perceived Jason distracted, he swung down, but Jason split in time for Pipe to crash upon Clubber's head. If that weren't enough, Jason then punched Pipe below the belt, then quickly stood up to backhand Clubber and uppercut Pipe. Grasping onto Clubber's shoulders, Jason kneed him in his back, kicked Pipe from behind, and then Clubber again from the front. Somehow, Pipe managed to grab onto Jason from behind, and presented him to Batter to strike him. Before he could, however, Jason forced himself upward to deliver a kick to Batter's face, forcing him to stumble back, in just enough time for Jason to elbow Pipe in his underarm and completely throw him over his shoulder. Batter took another swing, but Jason leaned backward, then deftly kicked Batter in the leg, the stomach, and the chin. With Batter weakened, Jason spun around to backhand, right hook, and repeat.

Pipe rose up to attack, but was quickly knocked back down, along with Batter. As Pipe weakly rose once more, same with Clubber, Jason lifted his own golf club from the ground and struck him in the face, forcing him to his knees. He then jumped with 180 degrees and thrashed down upon Clubber's face, and shoved him back down. As Batter stood up, Jason turned to strike Pipe in the face, and blocked the next swing taken by Batter, swung down on his leg, and then the face. With Batter down, he hurled the club into the down Clubber's face.

Pipe then stood for his last time, making an attempt to punch him in the face, only for Jason to steal his plan, then sweep kicked him off his feet. Clubber managed to get up for his last time as well, attempting to punch Jason in his face. Jason had moved his head back in order to catch his fist, dislocate his arm, and elbow him in the face downward. Batter weakly approached Jason with his own bat, and Jason's finishing move was a leaping, punishing punch across the face.

Hunted by Assassins

As a result of delivering a massive hit to the Vizioso crime family, Vincent put a hit out on the vigilante, hiring three assassins: Killshot, a man who never missed, Twilight Tarantula, a supreme martial artist, and Satsujin, a deadly ninja.

Jason evaded and defeated all of the assassins.

Meeting Lance White


Jason enters a precinct

"What do you see?"
"I see a young man with potential. A young man who is loyal, who can do as he's asked, and who wants to do something good with his life.
—Jason Kade and Lance White

On May 2, Jason went to the Emerald City Police Station 114 to clean out his step-father's locker. While there, he encountered a man sitting in the prison cell, geared up. He could tell he was a vigilante, but not from Emerald City. He asked him for his codename, but the man instead gave his true identity: Lance White.

Jason and Lance talked for a while, and the latter intelligently deduced that Jason was indeed a fellow vigilante. It wasn't just his enhanced perceptiveness, though: it was his parental instinct. He would sense Jason's feelings of guilt and anger, and saw some of himself in the boy.

Before Jason left the precinct, he helped the man escape, as he supported the cause the man stood for. They became friends afterwards, with Jason agreeing to help Lance, and told him to contact him by meeting up at a mausoleum on the river's edge. Jason met with him there, and Lance agreed to teach him more martial arts at Sani Kawa Dojo.

The New Essentials

Jason soon came to the realization that a man can accomplish anything once he realized he is a part of something bigger, and that a team of people who shared that conviction could change the world. Inspired by the Essentials, Jason looked to recruit other vigilantes to join his cause.

Jason also entered Emerald City University in September 2015, and began to major in psychology and social engineering, and minored in philosophy.

Meeting Flare


Meeting Crimson Chi


Attack of Pyromaniac

In the summer, Jason visited Lance in Neo Arcadia and met his new friend, Mike, at the police station when the windows blew in. An explosion outside preceded a man entering through the now-burning doorway with an unknown agenda. Jason and his friends escaped, but the pyromaniac aimed to not leave any witnesses.

Jason, Lance, and Mike made their way to Lance's apartment building. Along the way, they found more damage caused by Pyromaniac, now officially named by Mike, which included a burning building. Jason hijacked a firetruck and helped his friends put out the fire.

They soon made it to the building's parking lot in front of Saint Kenway's Hospital, but Pyromaniac detonated charges to blow it up. Before it could collapse, Jason and his friends entered the building and went upstairs. Although the power was out, they used the darkness to their advantage to stop Pyromaniac by sneak-attacking him.

Working with Ian Murphy


In December 2015, Jason met Officer Clark Flat and befriended him after he helped apprehend a suspect at a club.

Jason, along with the rest of Emerald City, attended the New Years Eve 2015 party at the same popular nightclub in Los Verdes. Some time after midnight, Jason stopped by the bar for a drink, and noticed a shadowy figure sitting down next to him. After getting through to him, he got the man to reveal his name: Ian Murphy.

Prehistoric Research

Fragrant Harbor Raid

Ian Kidnapped

War against Stone Jones (2/28 - 3/17)

Rise from the Rubble


Nothing Written in Stone


No Stone Unturned


A New Threat

Attack of Terrorbyte

"There are times in your life when you draw on everything you have. Times when you reach down into the deepest part of yourself, when you know you've got to give it your all, because anything less won't get the job done. It's in times like these that you find out who you really are. That is, if you live long enough."
—Jason Kade

When Ian had returned on March 18th, Jason thought he had seen him. Jason soon found Oxbridge under attack on May 6, and when the technological terrorist had revealed himself to be Ian, Jason was surprised, but had to deal with the fact that his friend was now a villain. He stormed Ian at the corner of 5th and Coldwater, only to see his armor. Jason avoided his attacks while evacuating civilians, but was soon caught off guard by a miniature nuke. All of Oxbridge had become uninhabitable, and was ruled by Terrorbyte.

Giving Up Crime-Fighting

Jason worried about the Almanac's presence thanks to all the mud slung his way after Terrorbyte took over. Clearly it bothered the young hero as he thought the more he helped the public, the more they hated him, after changing back into his civvies.

Feeling guilty, Jason headed back into the world, but of course, he couldn't focus. The stress led to a worried night that distracted him from studying for a big exam the next day.

Wracked with guilt and feeling unappreciated and even hated because of recent tirade against him, Jason took to the streets, wandering around and trying to figure out what to do with his life. The news made a huge deal about playing such an integral part in getting the Red Thrasher to apparently quit the vigilante business.

Jason felt pretty good about leaving the life behind at first. He even got to ostensibly quit his journalism gig to focus on school. He spent time with friends, which made him feel good about his decision.

However, nature and bad guys abhor a vacuum, so with the hero out of the picture, villains kicked off a crime wave that threatened to wipe the whole city away. Jason thought about running off to help, but remembered he'd quit. Later, though, he couldn't let a mugging go by without jumping in to help. He then remembered how his lack of effort lead to his step-father's death and made a pledge to return to his vigilantism.

Adventures with the Rebels

Identity Crisis

For a period of 8 months during his adventures, Jason took on the moniker of Blue Arrow, emphasizing his aptitude in archery skills to fight at long-range. He officially transferred from Emerald City University to Drexel University and continued his majors.



Jason provides cover for Glitch and Dimitri.

Visiting Neo Arcadia in the October of 2016 (sometime before the 28), Jason was caught in the crosshairs of two masked people and a gang of criminals. Jason had no idea who they were, until he recognized the fighting style of one; it was that of his old friend, Lance White. Jason joined their escapade, "befriending" his newest partner, a bounty hunter named Dimitri.

The three decided to team up.

Facing Black Ace

Around November 5, Jason and Lance were investigating a break-in at a nearby gym. During the investigation, however, Lance's psyche was taken over by a personality, codenamed Black Ace. Jason dueled him head-on.

Jason fought him with his customized darts, although they proved ineffective against Ace's Zanpakuto. The fight progressed until Jason was ultimately thrown out the window.

Outside in the street, the sound of shattering glass combined with the terrifying appearance of Black Ace send civilians running in all directions. The two continued their fight until Black Ace wore himself out, and Lance returned to his normal mental state.

Black Ace would later make another appearance on November 20, for an underground battle, where Jason and other allies faced him and Vath. During this fight, Ace demonstrated Zangetsu and skills as a Shinigami, or swordsman, as well as Shunpo, or "flashstep."

Infiltrating the Capital

On December 2, Jason and Lance took it upon themselves to break into the Japanese embassy to root out corruption and extirpate the smuggling of soriricus manipuli. However, they were not prepared for the extremely well-trained Kuroda swordsmen.

Later, on December 11, the two sparred in a closed nightclub, to sharpen their skills to go up against the Capital guard.

On December 17, they returned to the embassy and successfully discovered where the fungus was being shipped to and from.

Under the Gun: Midnight Mafia

"What are you doing?"
"Keeping our city safe, just like you."
"I don't kill."
"Maybe you should.
—Jason Kade and John Roy

In early January 2017, Lance White uncovered information that Rocco Tekorelli, don of the Tekorelli Crime Family, was running for mayor. This roused Jason at the thought of Neo Arcadia's Italian mafia having access to city resources. White's idea was to form a faux mafia to combat them. However, with Dimitri gone, they needed an extra pair of hands. White Hired a Marine and security consultant/professional bodyguard, John Roy, whom Jason would soon find a rival in.

Roy swiftly demonstrated his adamant beliefs in life or death in the field, when the "Midnight Mafia" first fought off against Tekorelli's men. Jason subdued the men he took, while Roy viciously took their lives.

The loss of innocence haunted Jason Kade and John Roy, but each channels it to different ends. Both work outside the law to crush injustice, but disagree over death as the ultimate punishment. Whenever they meet, Jason's light shines over Roy's darkness, and conflict ensues. They'll work together, but only for a moment, until John's execution of his war on crime crashes against Jason's belief in a higher form of ultimate justice.

Mission: Improbable

Around February 18, Jason was approached by Sebastian Raymond. He warned him that if he were to die, he would be killing his memory, his reality, the physics, the bonds, the life he knew; and himself. Sebastian, at the time, was fitted with the prolonged Improbability Drive.

Infected Compatriots

Around March 27 on a mission to visit Collingswood University, Lance and John became infected with the Virus. Their skin was deformed and their physical attributes were massively heightened.


"Compromise is a virtue to be cultivated, not a weakness to be despised."
—Jason Kade

On April 10, he and John Roy met at the Forefather Gun Range to blow off some steam and practice their marksmanship. The two exchanged first-time experiences with handling guns, and the day ended with Jason agreeing to practice his marksmanship should he be in a situation that required good aim.

Return of Almanac

Weeks after the Hoodie returned over a year later on March 29th, Jason regained his confidence, seeing how after a long period of time, someone could still remain a champion of justice. On May 5, returned to his roots as the Almanac, once more emphasizing his skill with his twin staves.

Memory Eaters

During a recon mission to the Ragnarok v.2 with White, the two discovered a leak from the 4th Dimension in the station. Out crawled a spiny, towering creature with dark hide

Putting Holes in Aces


Taking on Tech-Terrorist Tony


Recruiting Reverie

In early June, Jason brought along his friend Leah Caverly to join the Arcadian Rebels, for her incredible hand-to-hand combat skills. Jason began to progressively develop a trust and attraction to her, and the two discovered they held many things in common, namely: fighting, movies and television, favorite bands and celebrities.

Mansion Investigation

On June 19, the Rebels made their way to a Siberian mansion, where they faced off a scavenger known only as Python. While fighting him, they discovered he was armed with cognition-amplifying technology, known as Neuro Mods. These Neuro Mods would increase his awareness, allowing him to foresee attacks.

Jason and the team traversed the mansion, looking for Python, and found him in the library. After a brutal faceoff, Jason was impaled in the chest by Python with a sword. The sinister snake began to dominate the rest of his teammates, until Jason's willpower prevailed: his strength allowed him to remove the sword from his chest, and cut off Python's right hand.

The team recuperated at Sakura Base.

Return of Richtov



Not Guilty

"I will see you again."
"You won't fail me. I know that about you.
—Jason Kade and Lance White, 8/11/2017

In early August, while investigating an arson bombing, Jason discovered that Lance had been arrested and convicted for murder. He went to visit him, to learn that Lance was not at all responsible for the death of Sebastian Raymond; Lance had been framed. Jason vowed to prove him innocent, and with that, began to compile evidence to prove him innocent.

Jason and the team visited Leo Clark for more clues. Leo agreed to assist them, and revealed that his lead suspect was none other than Taras Richtov. With further knowledge, (the killing of Raymond was similar to Richtov's many other victims), they reported back to Lance for words of confidence, and to report that they were leaving for Japan on a lead that Taras had set up a base in Japan. With that, the team set out to Japan, encountering goons such as Hower. After a brief battle, the team disabled a machine Taras had been working on.

Back in America, the EPF had deployed one of their agents, Dot Clarington, to assist the Rebels in hammering the nail in the coffin with final evidence. Recalling upon Richtov owning a secluded mountain base, the team went to Russia and infiltrated it, where agent Clarington downloaded schematics for Richtov's secret weapon: a warhead.

Days later, an enraged Richtov would find the Rebels, and promptly clash against them with his new Commando mode for his suit. This, combined with his newfound "electro-step," granted Richtov the upper hand, and ultimately retreated via a goon helicopter. This left Jason in anger and self-doubt in his cause, putting him in a schism.

Buscando El Fuego

Resuming the ongoing investigation to hunt down the arsonist "El Fuego," the Rebels came across one of his goons, who went by Pablo. Pablo was gently interrogated by the team, although Pablo was unwilling to give up information due to a death threat. However, Jason promised him protection from his team, and with that, Pablo gave up where his boss lived. Before being released, Jason asked of Pablo to do some good with his sum of money.

The investigation continued, and the team soon tracked another one of El Fuego's men to the archipelago Condor Isles. There, they attempted to interrogate a gangster known as Paco, but he escaped. Jason was in a blinded rage, which led him to beat the next gangster he saw. This was enough to drive the gangster to take his own life, which severely lowered Jason's self-esteem, and further forced him to question if he was truly the good guy.


After discovering the EPF had been breached by El Fuego's men, Jason and the team traced the trail to Collingswood, as their university has been known to become the central doctoring of marijuana. With this knowledge, they traveled to Indiana and took refuge in Lance's old home. This became their makeshift base, while Jason maintained cover as a transfer student from Smog University.

While undercover, Jason looked more into their trading routes. However, he found something even bigger than he had anticipated: street-level gangsters of El Fuego's crew are being genetically crossed with the same species as Sebastian Raymond, as well as having their gear upgraded to the likes of Python. He discovered the latter when the seemingly dull gangster landed two extremely effective shots from a gun on him. With this knowledge, he and the team returned to Neo Arcadia and filled in the EPF on the mission, but not before meeting a suspicious character.

Return of the Muffin Men

In November, a rogue battalion of the United States Marine Corps known as the Muffin Men returned to American soil. Unsatisfied with the way the police and vigilantes patrolled and kept Neo Arcadia safe, the Muffin Men's leader Garrett Brockton took it upon himself to lead a campaign to grant his team self-autonomy and enact martial law.

The Muffin Men conflicted with the Rebels. Jason first took notice of this when they cleared out an abandoned orphanage, and began patrolling the city. They instilled fear in civilians and gave them a sense of not being safe. Jason and the Rebels defended civilians from being extracted without clear and just cause, and eventually drove the Muffin Men out after numerous conflicts. One included Jason facing off against Daryl Dixon, and he suffered a stab wound from a combat knife, but he emerged victorious.

The Speed Demon

In late November 2017, Jason's house had been secretly burned down by evil forces arranged by Black Moth, a mysterious businessman. Jason resorted to living in his storage unit by the shipping docks. Around this time, his childhood friend Barry Parker resurfaced. The latter shared his tale of being locked away in hell. Jason barely recognized Parker. His physical appearance had darkened and his attitude was flagging in joy. Jason could tell Parker was unhappy and unfamiliar with the times, but he knew there was a hidden plot.

Jason's instincts were right, because Parker revealed to be on the run from his Hell family. His father, the Devil, desired for his best fighter to return, and would send his daughter Maggie after Parker numerous times in attempts to bring him home. These mostly failed because Jason was by Parker's side to defend him.


Jason proposed to Leah Caverly on the first day of 2018. After Christmas 2017, Jason combined a piece of his own hair and Caverly's and refined it into carbon dust, then used one of Carmine Incorporated's hydraulic presses to turn the carbon dust into a diamond with DNA in it. He used this diamond to make the engagement ring.

Captain of the Rebels



Father and Son, saying goodbye.

"What do you see?"
"I see a man who is honorable... brave... loyal... who's fulfilled his huge potential. A man who's done something good with his life.
—Jason Kade and Lance White

On January 20, 2018, Jason was appointed to lead the Rebels by White. The latter had decided to depart from fighting crime to share knowledge with the world, as well as to add onto his own. Leo Clark decided to accompany him. Before leaving, White presented to Kade a Shiro Family heirloom, a feather necklace with a Kanji symbol on the side wrapped (勇 "Courage"). Kade then removed his father's dog tags and bestowed them to White, declaring him to be his real father.

The following week, Kade began to organize what remained of the Rebels to continue to fight crime and right injustices wherever he found them.


Jason soon received very physical confirmation of Lance's wellbeing: a visit from David White, his only biological son, and Jason's own adoptive brother. They became acquainted, and David offered to join the team in his father's absence. Jason would ponder on this.

Owari Matawa Hajimari

"Lance White... my father, my best friend, my mentor. He taught me patience, courage, and hard work; all the skills of a true ninja master, but most of all, he taught me to see things from a different point of view."
—Jason's eulogy

On February 10, 2018, Jason received a distress call from one of Lance's BluDroids, Juno. After suiting up, he was summoned to Ankou's mansion, to find Lance clinging to life as droids fought off his soon-to-be killer. Jason took Lance away to find a graveyard, much to his dismay. He attempted to outrun Ankou, but only made it to the northern section of the graveyard.

Jason rested his nearly dead mentor against a hollow tomb to deal with Ankou. When he disappeared, Jason was shocked to see him standing, and gripping his sheath. With his final breath, Lance ordered Jason to draw White Fox from his sheath. With that, the warrior and the protector made final goodbyes.

Recruiting Rebels

Almanac vs Quetzal

Almanac vs. Quetzal

"A ver si muy salsa pa' tus tacos cabron!"

After training with White Fox, Jason realized there would be more strength in numbers. He decided to find another great fighter, and found his answer at the Neo Arcadia Arena, where he found Quetzal; Jason made a deal with him, that if he beat him, he would recruit him to the Rebels.

While the two fighters kept gaining the upper hand on each other with speed and decisiveness, Jason employed two tools of a ninja's arsenal: theatricality and deception. Jason threatened to protrude a toe blade from his boot mid-fight if Quetzal would not concede. Alas, the latter did so, and although he later revealed the truth, he still accepted him onto the team.

Jason introduced Quetzal to Flag, another new Rebels member. The three trained for another period of time, then had drinks.

Quetzal soon dropped out and returned to Mexico, however, making room for Jason to recruit a young Ben Jacobson, a neophyte to superheroics with superhuman strength, as well as the alien Brian Henshaw.

Leadership Challenged

The death of Jacobson would severely darken Jason's mood. However, he'd soon meet another member of the Jacobson family, Ben's brother, John: a wildly eccentric villain with wicked ambitions and a personal definition of justice which tragically contrasted Jason's. Jacobson would challenge Jason's leadership, but the Rebels stood by him.

Reports of Ben's death were exaggerated. His physical form was transferred to a pocket dimension, and was brought out with the help of Autumn Stone. However, Ben's mind had been warped, and now suffered from greater depression than before and required a synthetic respirator built into a mask in order to breathe. Despite Cody bestowing him perks to his new condition, Ben was still suffering.

When John died, his psyche haunted Ben's and became a split personality. Creon would take control of Ben whenever he would fall into a screaming, angry state of mind, which was constant and therefore allowed him control of his superior robotic body.

Losing Himself

Jason was soon faced with the choice he feared most, sacrificing his philosophy for the greater good. After a failed attempt at rescuing Ben's mind, Creon took over to haunt Jason once more. Before Ben left forever, his last desire was for Jason to kill him incase he did anything too tragic, which arrived soon; Creon threatened to vastly increase his own power by copying that of Minato's speed and elemental abilities.

On May 9, 2018, Jason killed Creon to prevent any more terror. He recovered Ben's original cape, and delivered it to Autumn Stone in an attempt to mend their friendship. However, Ankou took advantage of Stone's sorrow and molded it into ruthless rage. He mentally manipulated her to try to murder Jason, but he stopped her and freed his friend from the dark lord's control.

Living with a Killing

On the Run

The police relentlessly hunted for Jason. Elliot Gris personally took charge in looking for him, and took him in for questioning with the intention of searching his home, after Jason was found in the coffee shop with Black Moth and an unconscious individual. In the police station, Jason requested a phone call, and contacted Kevin Jenkins to hide the Almanac Suit in his house.

Gris left Jason with the other officers and went to his home, only to find Jenkins rummaging through his items. Jason anticipated Gris to find Jenkins and take the first thing he was holding, while the suit was hidden before Gris arrived. Gris, frustrated, released Jason.

Gris found the Almanac later in a nightclub, stopping two drunken men from killing each other. Gris attacked Almanac upstairs and accused him of not respecting the badge. Almanac offered a position for Gris, which he agreed to stay on until he witnessed Almanac break his rule once more.

Gris left the team after a failed mission to rescue Kaz Becker's father, Rory. Almanac promised he'd try to uphold his goals of fighting crime without killing.

Attack of Axel

Jason's morals were further tested when Kaz's former mentor, Axel Trevor, slowly laid siege to Neo Arcadia. Trevor first kidnapped Becker and warped his mind, and also medicated him with performance-augmenting drugs. With Kaz as Trevor's personal goon, Jason found it difficult to fight Trevor with his friend in the way.

Jason and Brian Henshaw kidnapped Kaz later on to break him from Trevor's mind control radius. He and Henshaw took Kaz to Rory's grave to force him to come back to his senses, which he did.

Jason and the Rebels tailed Trevor to one of his hideouts. After a small fight with a once-more mind controlled Kaz, Jason woke him up when he noticed Trevor also kidnapped Kaz's girlfriend, Jane. Trevor activated a massive bomb in the city, but Brian heroically contained the explosion with his force-fields. Unfortunately, the explosion was too powerful, and the prolonged usage of force-fields strained Brian to death. Trevor took advantage of the Rebels' grief and finally gave Kaz an ultimatum: Jane's life, or the revelation of his identity as Argonaut. Kaz chose the former, and told his secret identity on Trevor's live camera.

Axel's final plan was soon unveiled, as he unleashed hoards of robots on Neo Arcadia. The Rebels and the EPF retaliated. Jason challenged Trevor to a final duel atop a tower as the EPF dealt with the remaining robots. Specifically, he challenged him for leadership of the Organization he spearheaded. Jason brought along White Fox to fight Trevor. Although he lost after a lengthy battle, Trevor revealed even more explosives in the building, which he detonated shortly after. Jason and the Rebels escaped, with assistance from Wavelength.

A funeral was held for Henshaw, and Jason promised to get Kaz out of prison.

The Renegade

Jason took notice of one of the civilians who rose up to fight Trevor's robots, Cameron Walker. He thought him worthy to join the Rebels, and the latter surprisingly confronted him at Henshaw's funeral. Walker accepted membership to the team, and he chose his own name Warhead for his destructive energy emission powers.

Walker helped to battle a new adversary, known as the Renegade. However, after multiple battles, Renegade was revealed to actually have been a brainswashed Brian Henshaw, controlled by Walker himself. His doubt in humanity's goodness drove him to suicide via explosion.

The Oust and Outcome

Jason and some other Rebels were present for the Oust on July 13, 2018. He and the others prevented civilians from murdering each other, but were too late to save Madam Mayor Aranza, who was killed by criminal kingpin Slinger, who was then shot and killed by Oas.

Jason and Rapidity went to find Oas, but they were met with retaliation from him, his weaponry and his alchemist ally, Marx. A showdown ensued in a cave, where, despite many rounds taken to his armor, Jason escaped with Barry's help.

Unfortunately, Jason had to say goodbye to Barry one last time, as he sped off to find closure in the world.

It's Magic

Scott Haynes recruited Jason and the Rebels to assist him in his conquest to defeat Izron from collecting a series of reality-altering relics. Though they were unsuccessful in thwarting his plans, the unexpected return of Brian allowed them to defeat Izron in his completed form. Scott ultimately banished him from Earth.

Leah's Return


Torment's Reign




Druid-Crusade War

In November 2018, Jason and his team were approached by an organization known as the Druids, who intended to compensate for Necrom's terrible actions. They led the Rebels in civilian mode to their sanctuary, after going through a large woodland labyrinth. At the final destination, Jason and his friends witnessed a ritualistic execution sacrifice of a warrior to appease the gods. Jason spoke out against this, resulting in the Druids' horror. He and his friends were then escorted from the premises.

Days later, Jason and his friends were found by the Roman Legion, a long-time enemy group of the Druids. They sought to do ill against the Druids for their evil customs, and Shadow Boy and Jason guided them to their location. Unbeknownst to them, they had the ulterior motive of sabotaging their territory, including the innocents inside it. When Jason realized his mistake, he fought back against the Romans and tried to keep the groups separate. Before the battle ended, Jason was given the Shield of Jupiter after Intrepid disarmed Titus Curio. Jason agreed to put an end to the Roman crusade, viewing them as the greater of two evils between them and the Druids, using his new shield.

After practicing with his new weapon, Jason led the Rebels to the Roman stronghold and sprung a surprise attack, with the goal to reach the top brass of the Romans by any means necessary. The Rebels took control of the territory, but the enemy was still afoot.

Eventually, the Rebels advanced up the Roman stronghold, where they were greeted by the triumvirate of Gaius Aloysius, Titus Curio and Proculus Afer. Jason was quickly robbed of his new shield by its original owner, Curio, but he still put up a fight against the gods, seeking deicide if possible. Evan Broxton sacrificed himself to kill Afer, giving the Rebels the opportunity to push forward.

The efforts were futile, as the Rebels were gassed unconscious by Aloysius at the end of the stronghold, and were brought to a timeworn Coliseum. Reverie, Anima Libera and Doctor Rogue came as backup to liberate the Rebels as Matillo tiredly battled Aloysius to no effect. The Romans, after seeing the free team, began to attack the city. Jason left to deal with the situation, along with some other of his teammates, taking down horseback spear-carriers and foot-soldiers, as Matillo and Aloysius' battle increased in severity and distance, moving all the way to Nova City. The Rebels made their way to the other city as the battle erupted, and finally found the two combatants in a lone abandoned building, extremely weakened from each other's attacks. Matillo sacrificed himself to kill the remaining Romans who had infiltrated the building by ki blasting nearby explosive materials; the explosion was far-reaching, however, leaving Jason in absolute shock from his friend's death.

With Nova City in ruins as a result of Intrepid's noble sacrifice, Almanac and the remains of the Rebels made attempts to rebuild.


"Living this life, it takes more than a mask. It takes discipline."
—Jason Kade

Jason Kade is a patient, disciplined, emotional, yet brave and bold operative with a deadpan focus; dedicated to his job of protecting the innocent. Uniquely, he can be quite compassionate for a vigilante and sees the good in people, despite their difficult history and places it in high importance, as he believes it is what separates him from criminals. It is during these moments that Jason has shown himself willing to be a maverick, disobeying orders in order to do what he believes is right. For this very reason, people feel he grounds his teammates and inspires them to be better.

Growing up, Jason was very lonely. None of the other kids were pushed like he was. He was delusional to the point where he did not want to face the fact that the world was imperfect. After losing his parental figures and feeling a sense of abandonment, Jason developed little sense of self-worth, and became very attuned to all the suffering around him because he could not shut it out. Jason became a rescuer: one of those people who are more concerned with other people's welfare than their own. Somewhat of an obsession, Jason began to chase justice, and easily made other people's problems his own, putting them before his.

To hide his deepest insecurities, Jason crafted a tough guy image and honed it throughout the years, but underneath it all he is still a vulnerable kid who lost his father, and eventually his mother, and had to grow up too soon.

Jason has a high desire for justice and doing the right thing. Unable to allow injustice, he got frustrated when the police or judicial system failed to help. He decided to work as a vigilante to save people and help where the justice system could not. During this, he demonstrated extreme selflessness as he kept risking his life for others, even after he barely made it out of dangerous situations and ended up badly wounded multiple times.

While fighting crime, he can be very brutal and heavily injures criminals in such manner as breaking their bones. He has hospitalized multiple criminals in this regard. However, he has avoided intentionally killing anyone so far and limits himself to hand-to-hand combat and less than lethal weapons so as to not inflict fatal injuries, even if this results in himself getting injured during fights. He usually attempts to avoid killing people, as he believes he's on thin ice as it is and that doing so will make him no better than the people he's fighting. His refusal to kill earns him heavy criticism from John Roy, who kills criminals without hesitation or remorse and considers Jason a coward who can't finish the job.

Despite his reluctance to kill, Jason has, on occasion, when sufficiently infuriated or when the situation is dire, thrown away his concern for the well-being of his opponents. The harming or killing of innocent people makes him even more willing to kill. A prime example is when he was led to believe that his mentor and father figure Lance White had been killed, and mortally wounded the Memory Leader. So far he has been fortunate that during these lapses in his sense of morality he has failed to follow through on his intent, however even his temporary willingness to kill still feeds his sense of guilt when he reflects on it. Jason experiences a lot of guilt and soul-searching over his actions when he allows his anger and contempt for violent criminals to cause him to enjoy beating them bloody, and he frequently wonders whether he is doing the right thing or whether he is allowing evil into his heart.

His very strong moral sense is cool and reasonable. He knows that if he or his allies turn to kill rather than subdue their enemies, they will gradually lose themselves and eventually everything. People with much blood on their hands are only alive or survived as long as they did because Jason spared them, though this does make him feel like a murderer.

Though commonly underestimated as one of the most under-powered vigilantes, with his ability to blend in with his environment, his stoic professionalism, and ability to see and assess from afar, Jason is often valued by his superiors for his ability keep an eye on people and assess situations. Jason is often sarcastic and humorous to his friends.

Jason is a creature of habit, and he finds repetitive behavior calming. In truth, he tries to create a version of the world he can stand to live in. He humors himself by putting on the façade of a self-absorbed narcissist, to distract him from the truth of his sad past with a juvenile sense of humor, which includes stating "phrasing" whenever a statement has any sexual double entendre This feigned behavior also acts as a buffer from others thinking if he dislikes himself, because he is too insecure to show any weakness. Despite his high opinion of himself, it is not without some basis, as he is in many ways above average.

Jason also shows a nigh-inability to pick up on social cues, occasionally unable to distinguish between sincerity, sarcasm and humor, most likely due to his adamant obsession with fighting crime. He is insistent on completing his sentences when being interrupted, and refuses to let people change the subject until he has had the last word. He is also frequently monotone in voice, varying only in response to strong emotions. He is not a big fan of change, and he also has displays an encyclopedic knowledge of various subjects, even while remaining somewhat unaware of general knowledge. He also has a certain social awkwardness despite his superficial charisma, and difficulty with acceptance among his peers due to his interests being somewhat unusual.

"That's very Jason Kade to say 'Don't worry about it, I'll do this, I'm going to die for this."
—Jason Kade

Jason has a tendency to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, and does not hesitate to blame himself first in situations gone completely awry such as when he led a gangster to take his own life. He believes that at least it is an answer, as well as that people need a reason in completely unreasonable situations. Despite his force of will, Jason occasionally wonders if he can truly save people by making the ultimate sacrifice.

Jason fell into a pit of depression after he chose to kill Creon possessing Ben. He engaged in self-destructive activities once again, and began to drift off randomly in conversations and heavily ponder and question his reason for being. Because of this, Jason has constrained himself into a world of wistfulness and bewilderment as he ponders the reason why things don't go as he plans. He fought off pessimism almost as frequently as he did criminals, due to his self-hatred for hypocritically taking Creon's life despite his countless lectures on taking the right path. This self-loathing shortened his temper to the point where he would pick fights.

In his attempt to move on from his actions and to forgive himself, Jason truly realized the importance of the leadership role he provided to his friends.

"In my ninja training, my master is constantly telling me that when given two choices, always choose the harder path, but somehow... when you're a vigilante, the harder path always seems to choose you."
—Jason Kade

Jason is not always sure he is the good guy, and questions every move he makes. He is willing to justify violence to defend others and to preserve peace, freedom and justice, and he has admitted to being short-tempered and fiery. Jason still stands, defined by his pride, courage and righteousness.


"My faith's in people, I guess. Individuals. And I'm happy to say that, for the most part, they haven't let me down. Which is why I can't let them down either."
—Jason Kade
"You have a choice. Although we live in a deterministic universe, each individual has free will."
—Jason Kade

Jason Kade represents a view of criminal justice that is different than most: libertarianism, which believes in the ability to choose other than your determined nature. Libertarians are of the hopeful sorts. He represents an option whereby people can elevate themselves beyond their determined condition or environment. He believes in the redemptive spark in people, doesn't believe one is all bad, and that they can choose of their own free will to be different. Kade is an example to prove determinism wrong. He wants to kill those who seek to do ill against others, but he chooses not to (acting of his own free will, deciding not to kill people being decisions that he makes freely).

Kade's motivation for risking so much is echoed by dissenting against fear. He makes an effort to be a good man, even though he chooses to suit up to beat people up. He has a desire to bring justice by any means necessary, except killing. What others believe about why Jason is dangerous is that he thinks one man can make a difference. Others can see his tactics as insufficient, and that his insistence to not kill limits his ability to effectuate change.

In a criminal justice sense, Kade justifies his actions through a utilitarian approach: his idea of justice relies on rehabilitating, incapacitating, and deterring the criminal. Punishment is justified by a forward-looking prediction to stop future harm for the sake of society. He believes an action is just only if it advances one of these goals. Kade does what's needed in a predictive sense: he protects his neighborhood by beating bad guys up.

Jason is a fan of Westerns, and identifies with them; a tough, stoic, vengeful hero takes the law into his own hands. According to sociologist Will Wright in his book "Six Guns and Society," the classic Western follows a pretty standard structure: our hero, often a man from the wild, enters a social group, gets dragged into a conflict to protect his new civilized friends, before finally saving the day, and usually becoming a part of this new group. Jason comes from a devastated Emerald City to Neo Arcadia to form the Arcadian Rebels to fight crime, and regains a sense of family among Lance and Mallory White along the way, while also finding love.

Physical Appearance

"Would you say you're a typical example of your sex?"
"I am... above average.
Leah Caverly and Jason Kade

Jason and his favorite colors.

Jason is a Caucasian Irish man with green (with a bit of blue) eyes, brown short-length hair, and light facial hair. He is 5'11", and is of a mesomorphic, swimmer's build with the resigned stance of a long-distance runner. However recently, he has stopped cutting his hair, allowing it to grow slightly past his right eye, with a faint, jagged scar below it. He always wears his black sunglasses, with the scar slightly showing.

His default outfit consists of brown work boots, dark blue jeans, a white shirt with gaming design and his signature jacket. The jacket is black with bright red detailing on the shoulders, elbows, wrists and lower mid-section. This is rarely zipped up. Before 2018, Jason would often wear his biological father's dog tags, but as of January 2018, he began to wear a Shiro Family heirloom: a feather necklace, with a Kanji symbol on the side wrapped, "."

Powers and Abilities

Future Powers

"Rin. Pyo. Toh. Sha. Kai. Jin. Retsu. Zai. Zen."
—Jason Kade's mantra
  • Chi Manipulation: Being at the edge of his life time and time again gave Jason a power that few martial artists can tap. Jason could already meditate to increase his strength, focus and expedite his healing process, but in the future he has learned to summon his internal force, or spirit energy, to augment his physical abilities. By reciting his personal meditation mantra while forming mudras to unleash his chi, Jason can boost his own strength, speed and agility, and infuse his weapons with a reddish glowing aura, which he refers to as "Dragon Chi." With his chi, Jason also has limited control of the elements.
    • Wind Manipulation: Jason, like his sensei, is able to perform the Seiken, which he gained through extensive observation and physical training. He can send forth an invisible razor wind to cut through objects and his opponents, often using it as a last resort as it can make him tired. He received advice on elemental manipulation from Cody Nakamura during his time as a fugitive in Akiba, Japan.
    • Chi Sense: Jason displayed minor capability of detecting chi following his shinobi training. He could almost see Ezra Senthyril's energy-manifested guardian, though it was blurry to comprehend at first.


"With the power of youth, I have the strength to break through any barrier. I can overcome anything with hot blooded effort."
—Jason Kade

Jason, exercising.

  • Peak Human Condition: Due to his rigorous martial arts training, athletic career and vigilante activities, Jason is in top physical form which he maintains by treating his body like a temple, including a regular extensive and intense exercise regimen, giving him a swimmer's build. He is a master athlete possessing peak athletic strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina and reflexes. In high school, he'd often put on an amazing performance during baseball and hockey games. Jason lives an overall very healthy lifestyle, with a strictly balanced nutrition diet and regular exercise, including running six miles every morning, lifting weights and climbing his own salmon ladder. His .464 batting average earned him a scholarship to the prestigious Collingswood University, and his EPF-style diet grants him the endurance to fight against superhuman opponents. Sam Fakashami has confessed to seeing Jason as more than human due to fighting powerful beings with his strong human morphology, stating he looks like he "could wrestle a bear and wear its skin," and has even earned the respect of Matillo. Jason's amazingly appalling recuperative powers enable him to further his training ambitions. His arduous training allows him to contend with powerful beings like the Roman Legion. Tim declared that Jason's physique is impressive, even for a "non-ascended."
    • Peak Human Strength: Jason possesses extraordinarily abundant physical strength above what the average athlete should be capable of, sufficient to contend with highly-trained soldiers, androids, and even aliens. As an archer, Jason has built his arm strength by repeatedly hitting water out of a bowl in order to draw his heavy-tension bow. In October 2016, Jason jumped on Agent Smith's shoulders and twisted his robotic head off by torqueing with remarkable strength. Another great example of his strength was using a Grappling Hook Trick Arrow to latch onto a heavy crate and, using his agility, flipping over the crate and hurling it at Sebastian Raymond. He is very strong in combat, though he is slightly surpassed by others with superhuman strength, but at times his attacks have been shown to be strong enough to knock opponents off of their feet and sometimes into the air. He also used a manhole cover as an improvised shield during the Roman Legion's invasion of Neo Arcadia. Barry Parker has exaggerated that Jason's arms are "twice the size" of his own. Jason was even able to hold his own against the almighty Matillo and slightly stagger him with some blows in combat (though only momentarily) as well as break the neck of Barry's time remnant, which requires about 1,250 foot pounds/163 kilograms/359 pounds of torque.
    • Peak Human Durability: Jason's bones and muscles are denser and harder than average humans due to his training and experience. While he is not bulletproof, he's miraculously survived extreme blunt force trauma and physical contact with superhuman opponents. He's frequently recovered and continued fighting in spite of cashing powerful hits. These feats are further enhanced by his impermeable suit.
    • Peak Human Speed: As an athletic human, Jason is able to quickly freerun on rooftops without losing momentum. He also possesses great reaction speed, allowing him to dodge projectiles such as lasers and enemy attacks, and can also swing his batons and spin his nunchaku at incredible speed to add supplementary force to his strikes. He can run much faster than an athletic human, and shown to be able to run and move at above the average speed for someone his age in combat situations. He has a running speed of 26 MPH and a striking speed of 122.7 FPS (83.66 MPH). He proved to be fast enough to surprise-attack Barry Parker and administer a brutal beating after the latter killed Neveah.
    • Peak Human Agility: Jason is superbly nimble and agile with supple joints, and was taught to effectively utilize his naturally developed agility in combat. He uses his agility much more than his other physical attributes, most notably during his gymnastics workout routines or when participating in his favorite hobby, parkour, the backbone of his martial arts ability. He is often seen employing intricate, complex flips in his fighting style, rapidly changing direction with a minimal loss of speed, and also avoiding or maneuvering through obstacles, all without losing balance and maintaining direction.
    • Peak Human Stamina: Jason is extremely endurant, as he is able to exert his muscles for work over significant periods of time, allowing him to withstand extensive bouts and beatings. He can recover from injuries at fast speeds because his training has caused him to produce fewer fatigue toxins than the average athlete. He also has amazing, appalling recuperative powers.
    • Peak Human Reflexes: Jason's reflexes, focus and perception are at peak human rate. He can react to danger mid-combat, and even avoid rapid gunfire at close range. He's kept up with his speedster best friend Barry Parker and even anticipated his super-accelerated attacks.
    • High Pain Tolerance: The quality of Jason's body is generally scarred-over, due to being quite accustomed to pain and drugging, allowing him to continue fighting in or even survive near-death situations. Accompanied by his crimefighting suit, Jason is resilient enough to survive blows from opponents with superior strength and remain conscious and ready to battle.
"You better kill me now. If I ever get my hands on you, I'm gonna get all Rocky IV on your ass."
—Jason Kade
  • Master Martial Artist: Jason is a naturally skilled fighter, as he was rigorously trained in martial arts at a young age, and excelled in it. He continued training himself, becoming an exceptionally fit man who is extremely skilled in martial arts, and simultaneously adding gymnastics to his routine to turn gymnastics into a less-than-lethal fighting style. Almanac's fighting style consists of Western Boxing, Bare-Knuckle Boxing, Eskrima, Kobudō, Shōrin-Ryū and Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Capoeira, Tang Soo Do, Wing Chun, Wushu, Ninjutsu, Grounding-and-Pounding, Pro Wrestling, Tricking, and Gymkata, a gymnastics-based martial art (the fusion of gymnastics and karate). His favorite, foremost and first learned combat skill was and always will be boxing, due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Jason eventually used his skills to fight crime as the vigilante Almanac. Hence, Jason could take down the criminals of Emerald City and Neo Arcadia with ease, defeating professional hitmen, highly skilled assassins, single-handedly take down gangsters and was even able to take down multiple corrupt cops while handcuffed. Though with some difficulty, Jason was also ultimately able to overpower Stone Jones, a man of immense brute strength, and even flip him through the air during their fight. Under the tutelage of Lance White, he learned other skills in martial arts such as throws, holds and grappling. A year later, Jason's combat skills seem to have improved, as he was now able to hold his own against the fierce and extremely dangerous John Roy (matching a Marine in close combat), and to single-handedly take down multiple enemies. Jason is an incredibly proficient martial artist, able to adapt his acrobatic skills into fighting, making him a versatile brawler. During Lance White's absence, Jason decided to kick things up a notch by learning Kung Fu, a primarily unarmed Chinese martial art resembling karate. When White passed, Jason decided to honor him by learning the ancient Japanese battle art of Ninjutsu (and simultaneously best Leah Caverly, who has defeated him with unyielding consistency), with training in Kenjutsu, Shurikenjutsu, Bōryaku, and Kuji-Kiri in addition to already having an aptitude in Taijutsu, Bōjutsu, Kayakujutsu, Shinobi-iri and Intonjutsu, which paid off in his bout with the mixed martial artist Quetzal and later against Creon. He resisted the war-seasoned and mind-controlled Autumn Stone after killing the possessed Ben Jacobson, albeit receiving injuries. His martial arts later proved effective against the shinobi Minato, who complimented his ability to predict movements in battle. After acquiring a Shield of Jupiter from Titus Curio, Jason began practicing shield-fighting techniques, both defensive and offensive. While he was no match for the triumvirate of the Roman Legion, Jason could overpower their physically fit troopers and disarm their shields and spears.
    • Staff Mastery:

      Kade dueling with Flat

      Jason is highly skilled in the use of staves and similar melee weapons. While skilled in many forms of combat and with many weapons, Jason has the greatest skill with his trademark weapon, his twin batons. He makes use of his staves' versatile nature to block as well as counter attack. While stick fighting, Jason varies his acceleration due to understanding that fighters work in the same pace and that by changing it, he can throw his opponent off their game and make them lose their balance. He can also precisely throw his batons to hit multiple targets with the same throw by means of ricochet, and could even achieve a boomerang-like return effect, allowing him to strike enemies from behind or retrieve the stave(s) without objects to ricochet from. His Ninjutsu training reinforced his skill with a Bō staff, making his proficiency highly adaptable with various items, as displayed when he improvised a staff with a hat rack against the Banshee Corporation soldiers, used the Roman Legion's spears against them, and a regal scepter from a museum to fight off terrorists. Additionally, Kade can shorten his staves' cable to simulate nunchaku, and wield with great proficiency.
    • Knife Expertise: Jason demonstrates great skill in the use of knives both as close quarters blades and as thrown projectiles. He usually resorts to his Nightwing black tungsten blade in close quarters combat, if not his twin staves. He has been seen skillfully practicing Kali knife-fighting techniques with Kaz Becker, and his unofficial shinobi training has led him to develop greater skill with wielding kunai, be it throwing, deflecting or fighting with them.
    • Sword Skills: Jason knows the basics of swordsmanship thanks to lessons with Lance White, the latter of whom is widely regarded as the greatest swordfighter in recent history. When White returned from the dead, Jason improved his proficiency in swordplay to one day wield White Fox by practicing with the former as well as the young ninja Kaiden. Later, Jason held his own in a duel with a member of the Guild of Death (disguised as Axel Trevor) in an attempt to claim the organization for his own, and while he was defeated in combat, he won the organization due to "Trevor" exploding the location of the duel. Tim's sword Bravesoul chose Jason as its new owner after he demonstrated skill in wielding it, coupled with his honor.
    • Shield Skills: Jason is skilled in using a shield in combat as a blunt weapon as well as to block or deflect attacks. He quickly learned to use Titus Curio's Shield of Jupiter and gained some experience in using it, which allowed him to disarm and defeat Roman Legion soldiers of their own shields after Curio reclaimed his shield. Prior to this, he could improvise a shield with a nearby manhole cover. Tim noted that Jason's fighting skills unexpectedly improved in his absence, especially with his shield.
  • Master Acrobat: Having top notch agility, flexibility, dexterity and reflexes, Jason is capable of incorporating gymnastics and acrobatics into his fighting style as he battles opponents, and could already do several agile flips as a child. As a vigilante, he learned to effectively utilize his natural agility in combat and essentially turning gymnastics into a fighting style. He is highly skilled with parkour and free-running and able to quickly move over rooftops and climb buildings. Even when handcuffed, Jason can perform an agile back flip, bringing his hands back in front of his torso. He also utilizes his superior agility to successfully gain the upper hand against opponents. However, Jason is notably not quite as agile as Lance White, though a year after their first encounter, his agility seems to have improved, with Jason's now rivaling that of his mentor. His agility also allowed him to gain the upper hand on Wolftrot during their fights. He is even able to use his great agility to dodge bullets at point-blank range.
"I see my target in the distance. I feel the variation in the wind. I hear the bowstring tighten, and I let go."
—Jason Kade
  • Bow Mastery: Jason has trained himself to become a master archer specializing in the use of regular bows, longbows, compound bows, and crossbows with high accuracy. He is capable of performing incredible feats of archery, such as firing multiple arrows at a single target in a few seconds, and directly hit small targets in the greatest of distances. Throughout his time as Blue Arrow, word began to spread that Jason never misses a shot. Jason is also able to combine his skills as a bowman with close combat, allowing him to shift between melee and archery with ease. He is also capable of using his bow as a melee weapon in close quarters combat.
  • Expert Marksman: Jason is an excellent all-around marksman, due to his exceptional reflexes and impeccable hand-eye coordination. He is highly skilled in pulse weaponry. His precision primarily goes towards throwing weapons, often hurling one of his battle staves to knock guns out of a criminal's grasp. Jason possesses very keen eyesight, and his accuracy was emphasized during his time as Blue Arrow.
"Tactics are about clearly grasping a tough situation and formulating the best plan."
—Jason Kade
  • Gifted Intelligence: Jason is an intelligent science enthusiast, with aptitudes in chemistry, physics, and engineering. Under Sarah Malvolia's tutelage, he became highly skilled in designing all kinds of body armor and weaponry (including his own suit, his twin staves, and most recently, Reverie's lasso and sword). Jason has a creative intellect, and he is very articulate. In college, he read up on social engineering, psychology and intimidation tactics. Jason's intelligence, stratagems, and force of will are all in spades.
    • Expert Tactician: Jason is an ardent strategist and planner, believing strategy on a game board is no different from strategy on the field of battle. His tactics and ingenuity are far beyond those of typical ninja. He never lets his emotions cloud his judgment or panics, and is able to calmly assess his tactical situation and determine the wisest course of action, and even has the wisdom to retreat if his position is untenable, meaning he has clarity: a vital trait in both a ninja and leader. He has expanded on John Nash's game theory, the study of strategic decision making, and he has shown to prepare before engaging in combat and overtaking a stronger enemy, laying out countermeasures. He can formulate, coordinate and execute both attack strategies and tactical retreats, and devise methods of locating enemies, such as when he knew Goonie Soldiers' blood had trace isotopes that would appear on a chemical scan. He can also quickly think on his feet, shown by when he was arrested and, using his study of psychology, called Kevin Jenkins to retrieve one of his items before hotheaded police officers could search his house, anticipating that they would catch him in the act and suspect what Jenkins was retrieving to be the Almanac Suit (in truth being art supplies), leading them to a waste of time due to not locating incriminating evidence of him secretly being a vigilante. He has coined some of his own strategies, such as the Dodgeball Strategy, where a speedster gathers enemy ammunition. Jason possesses leadership skills, able to command his very own CrimDroids. After thoroughly studying the nature of superpowers and memorizing his teammates' files, he became skilled in organizing and deploying others for missions based on their resources. When he was officially being appointed to lead the Arcadian Rebels, he began using his original unorthodox strategies for missions, but to also use his ability to motivate and inspire his teammates to accomplish goals.
    • Expert Investigator: Jason is capable of meticulous research, and can effectively search for information and follow clues. He is very precise with forensics, able to analyze and gather information. From his analysis of various residues and such, he is also shown a considerable knowledge of chemistry. He is very effective at information gathering, and was able to track down his sister and aid Leo Clark in the search of Lance White when he went missing. Barry Parker relied on Jason's detective skills when he returned, and Clark Flat later stated that "[he] can find anything but God," referring to his atheism.
    • Expert Interrogator: Jason has a great skill at reading people and getting inside their minds. When criminals (and people in general) talk to him, Jason is able to analyze what they say and find the information necessary. His studies of social engineering, psychology and intimidation tactics greatly amplify his interrogation skills.
    • Skilled Thief: Jason has basic lockpicking skills and his ability in stealth is helpful when breaking into a place. He learned to pickpocket when he was briefly affiliated with the Lobos Negros.
    • Skilled Deceiver: As a seasoned crimefighter, Jason is skilled in devising scenarios that plausibly explain his absence from social obligations. His deceptive capabilities were bolstered during his shinobi training.
    • Skilled Engineer: While nowhere near as accomplished an engineer as the likes of Sarah Malvolia, Cody Nakamura or Lance White, Jason is skilled in armor design, weapons customization and metalwork, even earning slight praise from White. Among his designs include his own suit and gear, Reverie's suit and weapons, trick arrows, the Boomstick, and removing a resistor from a DVD burner's laser diode and fitting it into a flashlight housing to improvise a lightsaber.
"I'll have you know, my command of the Spanish language is fantastico. My accent, perfecto. And don't make me enojado. You wouldn't like me when I'm enojado."
—Jason Kade to Leah Caverly
    • Bilingualism: Jason speaks his native American English and he studied Spanish with success and later improved it with lessons from Leah, becoming fluent. While being far from fluent, Jason is able to identify certain Russian and Japanese words, successfully identifying the Kanji symbol on the Shiro Family heirloom he received (勇 "Courage"). He also knows sign language for stealthy communication during missions.
"Fight with stealth, strike from the shadows."
—Jason Kade
  • Stealth: Jason was taught by Lance White to physically hide every part of him, and to use the naturally dark areas of his costume and integrate himself into the dark parts of the environment around him. He is adept at stealth which aids him in infiltrating enemy territory. In addition he can utilize various corners and objects to evade his enemies. Jason's most impressive feat of stealth was liberating Kaz Becker from Maxside Prison.
  • Meditation: Jason regularly meditates before and after battle. This helps to increase his strength, focus and to heal his wounds faster, and can also let him lower his body temperature and slow his heartbeat to avoid detection from enemies. This helps him retain his health and virility, as well as regaining hidden truths and memories buried deep in his sub-conscious.
"Being a leader isn't about being perfect. It's about never giving up. You get up and you keep on fighting."
—Jason Kade
  • Indomitable Will: Jason is a courageous and bold man. His figurative superpower is his rage; he is not going to quit, and he is going to move forward no matter what. He has immense strength of will (a will of steel), due to believing in the importance of taking active initiative when one wants to make a difference. A driven and determined person, Jason is nearly fearless and almost never gives up under most situations. As time went by, Jason continued to lose himself for his dark side, slowly giving in and becoming a shell of his former self. He becomes lost, desperate, repentant, sinking to a distressed depression and eventually to his own insanity. Sometimes, his suffering was too intense, but he kept fighting on. Jason's force of will was exhibited when he bore the Shield of Jupiter, a weapon enchanted to possess durability equal to the wielder's will. The shield withstood mighty blows from the god-like Roman Legion and impacts from dangerous weapons. Jason also temporarily sustained the effects of Autumn Stone's insanity waves.


At an early age, Jason took on adult responsibilities. This resulted in Jason developing a need to stay in control, a discipline. He also struggled with his identity crisis as Blue Arrow. Overall, Jason's nightmare is becoming the very thing he promised himself he never would.

  • Human Vulnerabilities: Jason is vulnerable to the physical attacks of stronger and more powerful opponents. Jason usually compensates for this quite well with his tremendous combat skills and exceptional agility. Also, his instinctive reflexes can be exploited against him.


  • Seiken: Jason discovered after a year of operating with the Rebels that he could unleash a razor-sharp blade of wind, much like his master. This is due to receiving spiritual guidance and training from a Shiro.
  • Patty Cake: Jason's collaborative technique with Barry Parker involves an elevated hand-slap at high speeds. The two used it against Oas and Marx, which created a shockwave to knock them down.
  • Konoha Senpū/Leaf Hurricane:
    • Konoha Reppū/Leaf Whirlwind:
    • Konoha Otoshi/Leaf Drop:
    • Konoha Gōriki Senpū/Severe Leaf Hurricane:
    • Konoha Daisenpū/Great Leaf Hurricane:
    • Konoha Shōfū/Rising Leaf Wind:
    • Konoha Daisenkō/Great Leaf Flash:


"Being prepared for everything means that that situation statistically just won't occur."
—Jason Kade



Almanac in his uniform

  • Almanac Suit: Jason designed for himself a red and black suit with a facemask and helmet, a lightweight tactical suit with a polymer Kevlar weave, which is light and can carry gear. The suit provides resistance to small arms fire, and has advanced flexibility for close quarters combat. The helmet of the suit is nearly indestructible, allowing for Jason to survive in fights with superhuman opponents, and the bodysuit itself is highly tear-resistant, not to mention bulletproof. The suit is red and black to symbolize nighttime and blood, while also allowing for intimidation and stealth.
    • Utility Belt: Jason's specially designed belt, with its many pouches filled with an arsenal of numerous gadgets, weapons and tools at all times, to aid him in his mission.
  • Shinobi Shozoku: In the future, Jason dons the traditional garb of the Ninja, designed for stealth operations. Along with it he wears a black domino mask, forehead protector, sound-absorbent boots, and a sheath for White Fox.

Weaponry and Gadgets

"The greatest arsenal any man can bring to the party consists of the resources of his own mind: his intelligence, his stratagems, his force of will."
—Jason Kade
  • Battle Staves: Jason's signature weapons are two short sticks that can be connected to form a staff, with both kept in twin holsters on his suit's thighs. These can be disconnected or held together with a special steel fiber composite cable to simulate a grappling hook or nunchaku for close-quarter combat. Since late 2017, Jason has taken a likening to utilizing the nunchaku form of his staves and emphasizing his training in Kobudō paired with his new ninja training. With the nunchaku, Jason can build momentum into his strikes akin to how he often adds flips to his kicks.
  • Bow: Jason, during his time as Blue Arrow, utilized a spare hybrid-compound bow to fire his Trick Arrows. The bow is customized with a red laser sight, a blue taut string and the ability to collapse and fold. It uses an alloy center riser and detachable limbs to allow flexibility of draw weight. The draw weight of the bow is 150 pounds, meaning that is the weight Jason pulls back every time he nocks an arrow.
  • Combat Knife: Jason's army knife from Vietnam has a 10.5-inch razor sharp stainless steel blade with a serrated edge. This is kept in his calf-sheathe.
  • Pulse Rifle: Jason's rifle which fires compressed red energy rounds remains particularly steady while unloading fully-automatic pulse fire. Its recoil compensation allows for accurate, sustained fire.
  • Jonas Harris' Bar Staff: Jason was given a custom bar staff by Jonas Harris after the latter failed to locate his son.
  • Boomstick: Jason created a collapsible thermite torch to burn through metals for certain missions. He keeps this attached to his belt close to his lower back.
  • Eilat Knuckles: Jason's Christmas 2017 gift from Leah, a pair of brass knuckles embellished with eilat stone. Eilet is a rare stone found only in Israel.
  • Kunai: Jason began carrying eight kunai on his person after he began embracing his ninja training. He'll use them for close-quarters combat, as well as ranged combat, by fighting with them or throwing them, respectively.
  • Shuriken: Jason also started carrying throwing stars along with his kunai, often using them by throwing them into the back of his enemies' hands to make them drop their weapons.
  • White Fox: The iconic Shiro family katana. Lance bestowed this to Jason before his death, and began to immerse him in his full ninja training. A mirage of Lance instructed Jason to employ strong attacks near the handle of someone's blade to better disarm them, by knocking their grip on the blade back. He preserved the blade until his ninja training would be complete.
  • Shield of Jupiter: During the Druid-Crusade War, Jason obtained a heater shield made of an unknown material, but enchanted by "Jupiter" to possess a durability equivalent to the strength of the wielder's force of will. He lost it to Titus during the Rebels' assault on the Roman Legion.
  • Bravesoul C: Jason obtained Tim's sword after he threw it into his shoulder, and infused it with the power Seiken shortly after. The sword then chose Jason as its new owner and adapted for his non-lethal fighting style.


Originally, Jason took to the streets with an aluminum baseball bat, his step-father's golf club, and hockey sticks with explosive pucks. The EPF agent Tech Commander provided him with an electrokinetic detonation tennis ball, designed to explode and release a surge of electricity after being struck.

After joining the Rebels, Jason discarded his E-Comm and took up usage of a MaxComm.



Almanac speeds down the highway.

  • Star-Cycle: A Ducati Streetfighter, a state-of-the-art sport bike that Jason spray painted black and red. The Star-Cycle uses a kinetic energy recovery system, allowing Jason to store the energy he uses braking to accelerate later on.
  • Sportsmobile: Jason's car features a high-performance racing engine with a full nitrous system and bulletproof windows.






"I'm not big on guns."
—Jason Kade
  • Jason despises guns, viewing them as weapons of emotion and unpredictability. However, he believes a gun is just as good or as bad as the man who uses it. He tends to be very vocal about this, along with his huge reprehension against the act of killing.
  • Jason is right-handed.
  • Jason is an open atheist.
  • Jason's favorite musical compositions are Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wu-Tang Clan, Nirvana, Green Day, and Imagine Dragons. He and Leah Caverly both share a significant interest with Imagine Dragons.
  • Jason places his arrows on the right side of the bow to draw and fire in one single motion.
  • Jason does not like being around snakes.
  • Jason has a more developed visual cortex and manual ability.
  • Jason's favorite radio station is A.M. 520 W.A.S.Y.
  • Jason's theme song as Almanac is "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin.
  • Jason's favorite soda is Mountain Dew, and his favorite candy is Mike and Ikes. He also prefers grass-fed butter and MCT oil in his coffee due to the neurological benefits of bulletproof coffee.
  • Jason likes newspapers, and reads them in the order of sports, weather, then politics.
  • Jason enjoys playing video games, saying that each one provides a new challenge and that it is similar to detective work.
  • Jason's signature color is red: red evokes a sense of safety and confidence in the future, helps to cope with life problems. Red can have a physical effect, increasing the rate of respiration and raising blood pressure. It stimulates the nervous system and releases adrenaline. Red is hot. It's a strong color that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare. It denotes fire, heat, passion, aggression and anger, at the same time symbolizing life, energy, activeness, struggle and will.
    • One of his nicknames is the Vermilion Vigilante. Vermilion is a shade of red with a slight orange tint, a color symbolizing life and eternity.
  • Jason is a fan of Star Wars, and is inspired by the Force. He believes "the Force" is a spiritual power you feel deep inside you when you've got something to fight for.
  • In high school, Jason's favorite book was To Kill a Mockingbird. A young girl thinks she has her whole world figured out, only to realize she had it all wrong. It is a timeless tale. The young girl keeps her humanity and perspective while the world around her goes crazy. His favorite character is Atticus, a small-town hero who believes in truth and is not willing to back down.
  • Jason is a fan of the Marvel superhero Captain America. He is inspired by his dedication to uphold the hope of the American Dream, and his favorite alternate universe counterpart codename is the one from Earth-TRN634, Civil Warrior.
  • Despite his Irish heritage, Jason does not believe in luck, and instead quantum entanglement. Discrete quantum particles are connected, and when triggered, they simulate a synchronicity that, to the untrained, common eye, could seem like luck.
  • Jason majors in psychology and social engineering and minors in philosophy. One of his favorite philosophers is René Descartes, the French philosopher and mathematician, who famously postulated "Cogito, ergo sum," which translates from Latin into "I think, therefore I am." It succinctly describes the uncertainty of knowledge and truth outside of our own consciousness. Descartes subjected all his beliefs to radical doubt so that he could build a bedrock belief and build his cognitive life back up on firm principles.
  • Jason's favorite flowers are roses, aconites and narcissuses.
  • Jason's senior quote was "Be the change you want to see in the world" by Gandhi.


Jason's favorite songs include:

Artist Song Title
Queen "We Are The Champions"
"Another One Bites the Dust"
"Don't Stop Me Now"
"Somebody to Love"
"Hammer To Fall"
"Radio Ga Ga"
"Under Pressure"
Imagine Dragons "Radioactive"
"Bleeding Out"
"Ready Aim Fire"
Fall Out Boy "Centuries"
Nirvana "Come As You Are"
Breaking Benjamin "Blow Me Away"
"Forget It"
The Score "Unstoppable"
Skillet "Awake and Alive"
Survivor "Eye of the Tiger"
"Burning Heart"
Metallica "Nothing Else Matters"
"Master of Puppets"
"All Nightmare Long"
"Enter Sandman"
"For Whom The Bell Tolls"
Wu-Tang Clan "Protect Ya Neck"
"Bring Da Ruckus"
"Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber, Pt. II"
"Shame On A N***a"
"Ain't Nuthing Ta F' Wit"
Eminem "Business"
DJ Premier
DJ Khaled
DJ Mustard
"Hold The City Down"
House of Pain "Top o' the Morning to Ya"
Spiritualized "Lay It Down Slow"